Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce

Components of our robust manufacturing eCommerce solution include built-in platform independence, complete administrative tools, native SEO assets, business intelligence and analytics, and back-end integration of global shipping and tax options.

The eCommerce Platform Made for Manufacturing

Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce is a scalable, customizable platform that can be tailored to your exact needs. Our manufacturing eCommerce solution will help you innovate and scale your business by opening up opportunities for new distributor partnerships and improving current relationships, increasing brand awareness, and helping you optimize asset turnover.

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Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Business

Whether you're starting out on your manufacturing eCommerce journey or upgrading from your current system, Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce provides a myriad of manufacturing-specific features that you can utilize and customize to your business. These features and functions will give users a streamlined and enhanced experience of your platform, which will increase conversion and retention rates.

Convenience with Omnichannel

With omnichannel, clients and partners can access your manufacturing platform from any device, whether it be mobile, laptop, or desktop. This makes your site more convenient, which is key to increasing conversion rates.

Efficiency with Self-Service

With self-service built into your platform, users can access the information they need to make faster purchasing decisions, including product and inventory details, order history, and negotiated discounts.

Benefits of Manufacturing eCommerce

Business logic workflows are fundamental to the integration, as this is where all the business processing happens. Certain events automatically activate different procedures. This means that the front-end website has real-time or batch communication with back-office application data and logic.

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Improved Sales

Your sales personnel can access reports for year-to-date sales, month-to-date sales, accounts receivable aging, credit holds, and more.

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Higher Return Rate

Increase sales to existing customers—which is 60-70 percent likely while selling to a new prospect is only 5-20 percent likely (Marketing Metrics book).

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Increased Loyalty

Just a 5 percent increase in customer retention can boost profits by 25 percent (Bain & Company).

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Improved Experience

Improve customer experience with accurate, up-to-date order statuses, online membership renewals, and loyalty rewards points programs.

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Effective Marketing

Utilize marketing tools and data to plan and run targeted campaigns, cross sell, upsell, and recommend relevant products.

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Better Insights

Get data-driven sales insights into customer and partner activity with data analytics and reporting tools.

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Smarter Planning

Cross-channel information allows you to better forecast your pipeline and schedule procurement / manufacturing accordingly.

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Integrated Solution

When integrating eCommerce to your line-of-business applications, you enhance your customers' experiences while reducing overhead, creating more top-line and bottom-line revenue.

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Powerful Integrations Into Your Business

All our integration solutions can be customized to work alongside back-office infrastructure. Click the options below to explore all the benefits.

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Seamless Interaction with Dynamic & Real-Time Data

Selling online will increase your customer base, making software integration for your core business systems even more important for meeting market demands. Integrated systems means important data will update in real time, everywhere it's used. This eliminates mistakes like displaying the wrong pricing or selling inventory you don't have.

User-Specific Displays

With Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce, you can implement user-specific pricing and a custom product catalog that displays dynamically based on each user's account. This means users only see the pricing and products that are relevant to them.

Connect Your ERP & CRM

Efficiently manage data that includes customer info, communications, marketing and promotions, inventory and warehousing, pricing, configurations, quotes, and fulfillment with ERP and CRM integration. Plus, display the data to your employees in useful ways.

Share Information Bi-Directionally

Improve collaboration with partners by automating intelligence gathering, enabling real-time information sharing, and generating custom reports based on each stakeholder's authorization level.

Improve Platform Marketing and Sales

There are many things Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce can do to improve sales and marketing performance on your manufacturing platform. These features can be tailored to your specific needs to optimize your buyers' journeys and business operations.

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Manufacturing eCommerce Highlights

Boost Sales of Spare Parts

A manufacturing eCommerce platform with an ERP integration will match connecting parts with products clients purchase. This saves users time and energy searching for spare parts, improving upselling and cross-selling efficiency.

Sell Your Entire Assortment

Inform your clients about your entire assortment of products by adding your manufacturing eCommerce platform to your sales channel. Quick search, filters, and suggestions make it easier to navigate through all your products and let clients learn about any new and additional products.

Private Label Promotion

If you have a private label, you get an additional benefit from a manufacturing eCommerce platform. You can promote your private label products by giving suggestions to customers, such as recommending your high-quality spare parts when users search for relevant material.

Explore All Manufacturing eCommerce Features

Quick Add / Reordering

There are eight out-of-the-box ways your customers can easily reorder from you: wish lists, favorites, shopping lists, past orders, invoices, sales quotes, bulk XLS import and a quick-add SalesPad UI. Plus, they can subscribe for automatic reordering.

Reordering Details
Comprehensive Dashboard

Users have their own self-help dashboard that provides everything they need to track, manage, and pay for orders. The user dashboard is also where they access their wishlists, favorites, returns, invoices, etc.

Dashboard Details
Shopping Lists

Custom shopping lists can be created on the fly for any scenario—including, for example, "monthly office purchases" or “new hire materials.” There’s no end to the benefits of creating and managing your own custom shopping lists.

Shopping List Details
In-Stock Notifications

Users can choose to be alerted when an item they want is back in stock, which improves engagement and conversion rates.

Notification Details
Product Information Management (PIM) System

The ability to export, import, and manage all your catalog products. Specialized settings for shipping, inventory, pricing, images, SEO-related upsells, and much more. Numerous ways to filter and search through the product catalog give customers efficient ways to find products without the assistance of staff, saving everyone time and energy.

PIM Details
Unique and Unlimited Attributes

Attributes can be defined as dependent or non-dependent. You can adjust attribute settings to be filters, display in the product details page, display as tabs, or allow HTML. You can assign unlimited custom fields to any entity type within the system, such as Categories, Users, or Accounts.

Attribute Details
Custom Products

Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce allows you to create custom product variants, as well as kits and bundles. You can also set your own pricing and inventory handling (e.g., reserve quantities for kits).

Custom Product Details
Handle Millions of SKUs

Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce can handle millions of SKUs, so you never have to worry about running into a wall with the number of SKUs your platform can handle.

SKU Details
Split Shipping

Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce provides out-of-the-box split shipping for when clients and partners need to ship items to different locations in the same order.

Split Shipping Details
LTL Shipping

We’ve integrated hundreds of less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping carriers. Whatever your shipping needs are, we've got you covered.

LTL Shipping Details
Intermodal Shipping

Ship manufacturing products by train, boat, ground, LTL containers—or all of the above. Connect with various shipping providers through the manufacturing eCommerce software and turn on key functions for fulfilling orders.

Intermodal Shipping Details
Integrated & Automated Shipping

Integrate your eCommerce with shipping carriers to display shipping options and delivery time estimates, enhancing the user experience on your platform. Also, shipping labels can be automatically created and printed during order processing, and customs and duties forms can be automatically completed and printed.

Shipping Integration Details
Logistics Integrations

eCommerce logistics include warehousing, inventory management, and fulfillment processes for your online store. Logistics integrations for manufacturing and distribution companies streamline inventory management and fulfillment processes. Seamlessly integrate all your order processing, packing, shipping, and delivery processes.

Logistics Details
Inventory Management

With supply chain integration into your manufacturing platform, you can avoid excess inventory and use JIT shipping, improve service level and product availability, and manage inventory whether it's in your own warehouse or an outsourced warehouse with drop-shipping.

Inventory Management Details
Return / Exchange Management

It's important to manage returns, refunds, and exchanges as efficiently as possible to minimize their impact on your bottom line. While no manufacturer wants to think their products will be returned, these things happen. Be prepared by implementing a manufacturing eCommerce solution that can use reverse logistics.

Return Management Details
Customer Reviews

Supply chain management is a big part of how customers review a product, not just the product itself. If it wasn't delivered at the expected time or wasn't available when they needed it, this can have a negative impact on customers' reviews and perceptions of your company. Supply chain integrations are vital to making sure everything runs smoothly, and they give you a birds-eye view of operations.

Customer Review Details

Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce has invoicing built in. Whether you need to create downloadable PDFs, send customers notifications to pay their invoices, or allow customers to pay their outstanding invoices online, we’ve got you covered.

Invoicing Details
Quote Carts

Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce provides a quote cart, which enables customers to get a quote for custom or large orders. A quote cart automates as much of the process as possible in a specific, customized workflow for your manufacturing business.

Quote Cart Details
Advanced & Multi-Tiered Pricing Rules

Pricing rules allow you to implement special pricing for certain customers, groups, or roles. A price rule can be related between a product and many different components, such as accounts, categories, product types, and users. Pricing can then automatically adjust for users when they sign in.

Pricing Rule Details

Users can subscribe to products and services for automated recurring orders. There's an included wallet with backup payment methods and a visual indicator of renewal dates and upgrade options. Subscriptions work well for supplies and memberships and provide stable, recurring revenue.

Subscription Details
Split Payments

Purchasing items from different vendors is easy with the Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce platform. Users can also use multiple payment methods on the same order, such as splitting payment between a credit card and a gift card.

Split Payment Details
Sales Tax Calculation

Clarity Ventures is a certified Avalara partner so you can integrate their sales tax tool right out of the box. Track, manage, and receive regular reports so you never have to worry about incurring fees.

Tax Calculation Details
Headless eCommerce

Have an existing website that you want to use, but it can’t offer purchasing, checkout, or invoicing? Clarity eCommerce provides headless functionality and can be embedded into your existing website.

Headless eCommerce Details
Integrated eCommerce

Paired with Clarity Connect, our integration solution, we can connect your front-end software with your line-of-business applications to improve data sharing and automate business processes. Integrations with databases, SCM software, EDI, cXML, FHIR, web services, APIs, and ERPs are all supported connection types out of the box.

Integration Details
Customized eCommerce

Utilize admin tools for sales, shipping, inventory, and account dashboards. You can customize the platform due to our modular design that supports robust APIs—plus it's developer- and partner-friendly.

Customization Details
Advanced Analytics

Clarity eCommerce provides an integration with the new Google Advanced eCommerce Analytics (GTM/GA Enhanced eCommerce). Analytics for all your systems are presented in a unified interface, and you get automated reports for sales and marketing. This makes it easy to track your eCommerce performance.

Analytics Details
SEO for Products and Categories

The admin UI provides a single-click option to generate both product and category sitemap.xml files for registration with Google and SEO-friendly URLs. There’s also an out-of-the-box WYSIWYG editor for creating dynamic and robust category landing pages with page-level controls and optimized site structure.

SEO Services Details
Personalized User Experience

Personalized experiences are much more effective than impersonalized. Get marketing segmentation, targeted promotions, advanced filtering, and tracking with Clarity's built-in machine learning.

Personalization Details

Scale Your Manufacturing Business

To meet your revenue goals and scale your manufacturing business, it's best to have a manufacturing eCommerce platform that meets all your needs and helps you improve and optimize several aspects of your business, including marketing and promotions, the user experience on your platform, and data integration. Get a free discovery session with our experts to discover what features would best suit your business's needs. There's no risk and no obligation, so why not give it a try?