Advanced Logistics Integrations Are About Reaching More Customers

With Clarity eCommerce, the advanced logistics integrations your business needs to streamline fulfillment come standard. This industry-leading platform was custom-built to integrate seamlessly with your order processing, packing, shipping, and delivering processes. Plus, with currency conversions, multi-linguistic translation capabilities, global shipping calculations, and automated customs and duties, tapping into the global consumer market has never been easier.

Why Settle For Just One Piece Of A $1 Trillion Market?

logistics integrations for usersClarity eCommerce gives you the backend functionality you need to increase your frontend sales. When there’s less lag time between customer purchases, and when they receive their product, satisfaction rates go up. This leads to repeat customers, client loyalty, a strengthened reputation, and more referrals.

Our revolutionary platform was built to protect your brand, and bolster your bottom line. Seamless integration with existing systems means order fulfillment starts the moment your customer decides to buy. Order processing becomes instant, not “pending,” which means deliveries happen faster, and customers stay happier.

Last year international eCommerce sales were over $1 trillion, and that figure is rising by more than 20% per year. In 2013, total eCommerce purchases will be greater than the combined GDP of more than half the world’s countries. As your global customer base continues to grow, shouldn’t your eCommerce platform be able to expand with it?

Clarity eCommerce provides the solutions you need to make both local and global deliveries rapid and reliable.

Shipping Integrations For Streamlined Order Fulfillment

Clarity eCommerce was designed to easily integrate with your company’s in-house or 3PL order fulfillment solution.

Clarity eCommerce was designed to easily integrate with your company’s in-house or 3PL order fulfillment solution. Our platform operates as a part of your current system, not as an independent component. This distinction may sound subtle, but it can add thousands or even millions of dollars to your bottom line. Seamless integration means no longer wasting your human and financial resources trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Instead, Clarity eCommerce provides a natural fit, which leads to a smoother, faster, and more cohesive order fulfillment process.

International eCommerce That Doesn’t Get Lost In Translation

Not only does Clarity eCommerce offer enterprise-level scalability, it also makes selling and shipping to global customers easy. It’s loaded with powerful features like real-time international shipping and tax calculations, built in language translation, and conversion capabilities for more than 200 currencies. In addition, our state-of-the-art platform makes the customs and duties process simplified, with auto-generated forms and accurate tax estimates. It will even create order-specific packing slips and shipping labels for each order, saving you time and bringing consistency to international fulfillment.

At Clarity eCommerce, we speak your customer’s language. If you’re ready to enjoy streamlined and advanced logistics integration, and a smart frontend that adapts to the preferences and needs of your international customers, call or request a quote today.