Microsoft ASP.NET the Platform

ASP.NET is a development framework designed to produce dynamic web pages utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and server scripting. There are many advantages to using Microsoft’s .NET Development Platform over traditional Web programming platforms. Increased application speed and response time, seamless integration with applications, and great re-usability of programming code are three strategic reasons why some of the world’s most tactical organizations take advantage of ASP.NET.

Custom Application Development in ASP.NET

A development framework like ASP.NET is comparable to big box construction stores, like Home Depot or Lowes. Everything you need for a great home, from the walls, lighting, to shelving units, are located all under one roof, but it’s up to an expert to put it all together. The same goes for ASP.NET. The appropriate framework is there, but the integrations, user interface, and mega menus truly make the site great. In Austin, Clarity's .NET application development team specializes in programming custom Web applications in Microsoft's .NET Development Platform. Whether it’s a bungalow or a mansion you’re looking for, we put our skills and expertise to work for you by developing a custom .NET application that helps your organization reach its fullest potential.

eCommerce with .NET

Well-designed eCommerce tools can benefit not just sales, but your entire organization. Integrated eCommerce solutions give leadership a view of inventory, margins, and forecasts. This competitive advantage helps organizations of all shapes and sizes understand exactly where they are, and which direction they need to steer. At Clarity, our eCommerce websites typically feature many advanced applications, such as support for multiple currencies, languages, real-time orders, delivery tracking, and automatic FedEx shipping label generation. No matter how big or small, Clarity can certainly give your team an added boost. To better understand how your team can benefit from an ASP.NET web application or eCommerce solution, please contact Clarity, a premier custom web development firm, today.