EPIC EMR integration

Improving Patient Care through the secure sharing of PHI
Connecting with EPIC EHR

Epic EHR integration

By reducing paperwork and facilitating communication between institutions, Specialists, Patients and Healthcare Providers, Epic increases efficiency in the healthcare sector. Clarity Connect facilitates these functions by providing a link (real-time, bi-directional integration) between existing systems (Patient Portal) and Epic integration. Using Clarity Connect to integrate Epic allows the platform to transmit information relating to registration, scheduling, billing, clinical operations, lab results, appointment scheduling, specialist referrals, prescription refill requests, ancillary care, surgeries and much more.

  • Share EPIC data between systems and personnel
  • Secure, HIPAA Compliant Development
  • Easy Access for Authorized Caregivers and Patients
  • Connect Technology is Seamless, Fast, and Reliable
  • Streamline Billing for Prompt, Accurate Claims Submission

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Fail-over Synchronization


Clarity Connect's queuing middleware ensures that data transmits successfully to the correct endpoints. Along the way, it automatically generates the notifications, alerts and performance-tracking indicators. By persistently monitoring both the transmission and receipt of data, Clarity Connect makes reliable communication a sure thing.

Protecting PHI


With the large number of providers that could potentially have access to a single patient’s records, strict security measures are essential to prevent data breaches within EHR systems. Guarding data with multiple forms of protection throughout the transfer process ensures HIPAA compliance and safeguards patients against the potentially serious consequences of having private health information stolen.

Integrating with FHIR

The Right Platform

Clarity provides technology that already includes inputs related to the medical industry, a distinction that sets it apart from other platforms. This minimizes the time it takes to set up and implement an Epic EHR integration using their native FHIR endpoints, providing fast access and reliable functionality without the need for lengthy customization.

HL7, HL7v2, FHIR

Utilizing HL7v2 & Epic API

Health Level 7 (HL7) is defined as “a set of international standards for transfer of clinical and administrative data between software applications used by various healthcare providers.” HL7 ensures that EHR systems operate smoothly across all platforms and institutions by facilitating the accurate transfer of information. Clarity Connect uses version 2 of HL7 and links with Epic EHR’s API to support interoperability and maintain HIPAA compliance.

Extending Healthcare Delivery

Flexible Technology

By allowing for integration of a wide range of applications, it’s possible to create an interconnected network that can handle the changing demands of the healthcare industry. As technology advances and options such as e-prescriptions, online refilling and the use of mobile devices in clinical settings become commonplace, this level of flexibility will be necessary to ensure a high quality of care for all patients. This includes the latest addition of Telemedicine, being able to video chat with your provider.

GEO Fencing & Access

IP Blocking

Patient data becomes more vulnerable when it’s in transit. Clarity Connect relies on SSL encryption as one layer of security to minimize the risk of interception. EHR platforms with IP blocking provide another layer by shielding data from IP addresses known to belong to unauthorized or malicious parties. By controlling how individuals and components are permitted to access specific IP addresses, Clarity effectively closes back doors that might facilitate unauthorized data acquisition or brute-force attacks.


Clarity ecommerce with Epic EHR

ecommerce Built for Medical Applications

As any caregiver knows, EHR-EMR integration is different from standard ecommerce integration. While ecommerce solutions commonly manage information concerning customers and clients, they rarely deal with high-security data such as Protected Health Information (PHI). They also get by without having to securely manage information like visit notes, detailed diagnostics, patient account data, biohazardous material inventories or used medical device statuses. Clarity ships with these and other relevant EHR/EMR fields already built in, so practitioners who use the Clarity platform have a significant leg up through reduced operational overhead and training required to institute novel systems and fine tune business processes with the use of an Epic Interface.

Set Up for Success

Using Epic EHR for integrated healthcare information from a variety of providers improves the quality of patient care and supports growth in the healthcare sector. Clarity has worked with half a dozen clients to implement EHR solutions using Clarity Connect. As a result, these organizations have been able to file patents and go through IPOs, and many are meeting or exceeding FDA requirements.

Tailored to Drive Business

The combination of our experienced consultants, custom developers, and hands on approach help your market strategy flourish. Clarity specializes in delivering a custom-tailored ecommerce solution that’s designed specifically to fit your unique needs. When customization and integration are key to your business, off-the-shelf platforms simply won't suffice.

Hundreds of Medical Portals & Apps Built

HIPAA Compliant Web Development

Your PHI oversight can make or break your practice. Every tool you employ needs to comply with HIPAA requirements for limiting access, tracking modifications, sanitizing data, authenticating users and other relevant cybersecurity concerns.

Compliance is a career in itself, and it can take valuable time away from other essential tasks. Fortunately, Clarity's intimate understanding of HIPAA standards ensures that admins always have the tools they need to monitor, audit and track compliance at an organizational level. Because our software design strategies incorporate compliance middleware right from the start, care providers get the benefit of knowing that their tools protect their patients as well as their organizations.

EPIC integration FAQs

What is EHR integration?

An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient's paper chart. While an EHR does contain the medical and treatment histories of patients, an EHR system is built to go beyond standard clinical data collected in a provider's office and can be inclusive of a broader view of a patient's care (information from multiple doctors, hospitals, etc. When a provider wants to share that information with other providers, or with the patients in a patient portal, a developer integrates or connects the portal to Epic, so information can be shared between the two. This allows patients to update and view their records, request prescription refills, schedule appointments, view lab results and more. Clarity’s integration platform, Connect, has an Epic connector and we can help to integrate your Epic instance to any portal, website or mobile app.

Is Epic EMR web based?

Yes. Epic EMR is cloud-based, so available (with granted access) to any device with an internet browser on it. They have released iOS and Android mobile apps as well.

What is Epic EMR?

Epic is the leading Medical Records management platform. Think of it like a CRM for Healthcare. A CRM allows sales people to manage leads, customers, sales. Basically, everything a sales person would want to manage their customers. Likewise, an EMR houses everything about a patient that a Healthcare Provider would need to provide care services. Things like historical information from previous appointments, prescriptions, lab results, x-rays, doctor’s notes, patient bills, etc.

Is Epic an EMR or EHR?

Epic primarily develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells a proprietary electronic medical record software application, known in whole as 'Epic' or an Epic EMR. The company offers an integrated suite of healthcare software centered on its Chronicles database management system which then means that Epic is part of an EHR offering, which is used more broadly for generic healthcare than an EMR.

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