Epic Integration: Integrating With Other Business Systems

Improved Patient Care

Integrating Epic EHR 

Provide better patient care with an Epic integration

Integrating Epic software with your business systems enables you to better manage your healthcare business and improve patient care.


Automating Business Processes

EpicWhat is Epic?

Epic software is an electronic health records management application that helps doctors, physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers easily add, update, store and view patients’ medical and health records. 

Integrated Healthcare Epic systems are EHR (Electronic Health Record), also known as EMR (Electronic Medical Record), software. Healthcare businesses use an Epic Interface to keep track of their patients and observations, improve workflows, and better manage aspects of the business.


Integrating Epic with Your Other Business Systems

The Benefits of Integrating Epic

  • Use HL7v2 to Integrate
    Clarity uses HL7v2 (Health Level 7 version 2 data format) to integrate Epic with other healthcare and business systems to allow them to communicate and send data and information.
  • Utilize Clarity Connect
    Our advanced middleware solution, Clarity Connect, together with the EPIC FHIR APIs, help connect Epic with other business applications and ensures that data is properly received.
  • Employ SSL
    When dealing with sensitive healthcare information, patient privacy is your number one concern. Clarity always arranges data transfers to happen over SSL to help keep that information secure.
  • Allow Employees and Patients to Easily Access Their Records
    Integration between Epic and your other systems, can allow your staff and patients to quickly and easily look at their medical records and test results.
  • Empower Better Patient Interactions
    Integration enables your staff to easily find patient information, allowing them to spend more time communicating with the patient, leading to better customer service.
  • Streamline Billing
    Integrating Epic with your billing processes allows fields to be autofilled and claims to be submitted with less need for human intervention.
  • Endless integration Possibilities
    Clarity can connect your Epic software with almost any other application you use or want to use. The integration capabilities and your uses for them are practically limitless.

Integrating Epic systemsClarity Connect communicates with FHIR API endpoints, using HL7v2, to establish a connection between Epic and the other healthcare or business system (patient portal, mHealth app, etc.). Clarity Connect then serves as a communication hub, storing data until it is successfully transferred to and received by the software. Because of Clarity Connect’s robust nature, it can be used to connect Epic Interface with various other business systems and applications.

There are numerous ways that an Epic integration can aid your healthcare business. Some businesses integrate their Epic systems with their websites to allow patients to make appointments online, view their test results, request refills on prescriptions, envoke Telemed sessions and have access to their patient charts. One Clarity implementation employs Epic integration with inventory management systems to keep track of instruments used when operating on patients. Chances are if you use Epic systems, an integration could help your business succeed.


HIPAA Compliant Development Experts

Why Clarity

Our team of experts has decades of combined experience developing custom solutions and helping clients and businesses integrate software to help improve their business functions. We have also worked with many healthcare businesses and created quite a few HIPAA compliant sites.


Clarity has helped numerous clients successfully integrate EMR systems, including Epic, with their business systems and applications.


Clarity’s middleware solution, Clarity Connect, is a robust integration platform. Because of its advanced development and architecture, it is able to connect virtually any system with another system or software.

Solutions to Fit Your Needs

At Clarity, we understand how unique each business can be which is why we don’t try to force your business into a cookie cutter integration. We get to know and understand your business and then develop custom solutions and integrations to meet your business needs.

To find out more about how Clarity can help you integrate Epic, or any EMR software, with the rest of your business systems, call or click to contact us today.

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