SEO Functionality & Development Options

SEO certified Clarity builds core SEO functionality into every project, just in case
Built-in SEO Capabilities

Designed to be Optimized

Nearly 99% of our clients come to us with a budget for their website project with no consideration for any SEO work. They'll plan to spend $500k on a site, but not have anything in the budget to promote it. It boggles the mind when I see companies that build sites, but don't consider helping the client to understand what's available to them to protect their investment, help increase traffic and revenue, sell more products and services. They forget that a website can be your best salesperson. It runs 24x7, never sleeps, never complains, answers all kinds of questions, takes incoming requests, sells products and services, processes returns, takes invoice payments, stores credit cards, and literally thousands of other capabilities. Of course, those features have to be built into the site. So if a website can be the best salesperson in your sales organization, why wouldn't you want to train it? You train every other person in your sales team. You spend weeks every year updating, re-training, building sales portals, training videos and collateral and much more. Yet you don't want to continue to update or train your site? Why?

The only logical reason for this would be that you just don't know what's available or what the site, with a little "training" can do for your company. With over 1,300 sites built and deployed, Clarity knows all too well, how much of a return a company can get if they'd just put a little time and money into their site. That's why every site we build has all of the building blocks for stellar SEO built into them. Even our ecommerce platform has all the Category landing pages, SEO meta fields, auto-generation of category and product sitemaps built right into the product for free. Every CMS installation already has all the SEO basics covered, and for nearly every client, we perform a free SEO analysis to let them know how ready their site will be or is to generate traffic and what the next steps are if they want to improve.

WordPress Used to be Better

Yoast for WordPress, Clarity for DNN

For anyone who's spent any time with WordPress and SEO, they've installed and played with the Yoast plug-in. For many years, It's made WordPress a better solution for a small (5-20-pages) marketing website, as it made it easier to analyze and optimize for ranking well. For the basic blogger, it still is a better platform, but for businesses, it's not robust nor secure enough. That's why almost all of our corporate accounts are developed on DNN's CMS. The DoD, NASA, NSA and many other government agencies have chosen DNN as their default CMS standard for many years. Clarity's built more than 1,000 of our 1,300 websites on DNN. For years though, a big complaint was that it was difficult to optimize the SEO meta fields in DNN, partially due to the many page refreshes, but also because there was no DNN module that could provide an administrative UI where you could see, access and update the SEO meta fields quickly. That is, until now.

Clarity built DNN SEO XMOD module for NCH

Clarity's had so many clients ask us to do their optimizations (SEO) for them that we finally had to build a module to make it easier. That module uses XMOD to provide an admin grid that allows you to sort any of the columns in the dashboard by ascending or descending. In the image, you can see the dashboard view, which allows you to quickly link to any page, view all of the meta fields and character sizes, with a clean paginated view. The Edit link pops up a modal that allows you to edit the three meta fields without a page refresh, making it lightning fast. The site you see below was done by our team. At the time, they had 562 pages of non-optimized content. We were not familiar with their content, so had to open up every page, read it for context, then write and test every page title, meta description, and although most SEOs don't use them anymore, the client also wanted every meta keywords field populated. We were able to complete 562 pages in just 36 hours of work, which works out to 15 minutes per page. Considering we had to read every page, write the titles and descriptions in a Google testing tool to ensure pixel width and no truncation, that's extremely fast.

SEO Admin for DNN

Clarity's DNN SEO Administration Module

Here is a quick list of the features of the SEO admin module:

  • Easy-to-use Admin Dashboard
  • Page Search
  • Pagination
  • Page view size adjustment
  • Sortable Column Grid
  • Link to every DNN page
  • Aggregate view of SEO meta fields
  • Modal Edit form (no page refreshes!)
  • Easy to see problem areas quickly

So whether you're in marketing or the SEO specialist, if you've got a DNN site and manage the SEO content, you need this module. Give us a call today to discuss getting this for your site.