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DNN Portal Hosting Recommendations Explained

DNN Hosting Requirements

Clarity has designed and built more than 1,000 DNN websites over the last 14 years. Since DNN is a .NET-based CMS and Clarity is a .NET development shop, it made perfect sense. There are a ton of things to consider for hosting and development (i.e. database requirements, server, IIS, .NET framework, etc.).

Visit our DNN Hosting Requirements page, for a comprehensive list of everything that's required for both hosting and development.

Don't Compete Where You Can't Win

How do I build a Master Keyword List?

Almost every client we've ever worked with has made mistakes with their keyword list. It's mostly in the selection of the keywords where they head down the wrong path. The basic steps to building your Master Keyword List are:

  • Gather Your Basic Thoughts
  • The Keyword Planner
  • Analyzing Your Keyword Results

Visit the Building Your Master Keyword List article, where we dive into every step in detail.

Now the Hard Word Starts

How Do I Create SEO-rich Content?

This section could be 25 pages long, and not the purpose of the FAQ. The FAQ was to help you find and build a list of keywords that you CAN win with. But I don't want to leave you hanging, so below is the short list of the full strategy:

  • Define your Champion pages and their content
  • Optimize your Champions for your 4 new keywords AND your CRO strategy
  • Find all your Supporting pages for each Champion (i.e. articles, blogs, news items, videos, etc.)
  • Edit every supporting item, linking the 4 keyword variations to the appropriate Champion
  • Verify every URL in your sitemap.xml and make sure it's registered with Google, Bing, etc.
  • Build out your Media content map
  • Monitor in Moz to see how your Champions are doing
  • Never stop promoting (if you're not writing a champion, then it's a supporter!)
  • Support, monitor, support some more to get and then keep a Top 3 position for each keyword

For a deep dive into creating content that drives content, visit the SEO That Drives Results article.

The Things a Webmaster Can Control

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO describes all of the SEO elements on a webpage that a webmaster can control. That is usually, the items that they are editing either in the CMS or possibly in the CSS or HTML templates. The off-page SEO elements are the other SEO elements the search engines take into account to rank a piece of content that are not located on the page. Things like external links, social factors, etc.

For a complete list, visit the On-page SEO Elements article.

White Hat, Black Hat, PPC, Local SEO...

What is Long-term SEO?

Long-term SEO is what SEO means to Clarity. SEO is a long-term strategy, and when done right keeps building upon itself. Every article, blog, link, etc. that you add continues to build upon everything that's been done before. The goal is to continuously improve and increase all of the elements that ranking factors need to rank your content well.

For more information on all the SEO strategies available, and a list of long-term SEO tasks to do, visit the What is Long-term SEO article.

Award-winning Design

How Do I Pick an SEO Content Strategy?

The most common thing I hear during the start of every project is, "I inherited the website. I didn't write most of the content." So my next question is, "then who wrote it, and for whom?" Almost every time we evaluate the content once we've defined our target audience, the content isn't correctly written for that audience, or at least not written in the correct context. There has to be a deep dive into deciding who is coming to the site. Is it already the right audience? Are there enough visitors to accomplish our goals? Do we have to drive more traffic or convert more of the existing traffic? Is this an SEO or CRO problem? The strategy for each answer differs greatly.

For detailed steps to define your strategy, visit the Defining Your SEO Content Strategy article.

Clarity's SEO Module for DNN

Are there any SEO modules for DNN?

Yes, Clarity has built an SEO Module to help report on and administer the core SEO elements of your pages on DNN.

For more details and to see the module, visit the Clarity SEO Module for DNN page.

Turn Your Product Catalog into an SEO Goldmine

Does Clarity ecommerce have SEO Capabilities?

Yes. As a certified SEO partner, Clarity has focused on turning your product catalog into an SEO goldmine. Built-in SEO on-page optimization for products, a category landing page editor and automatically generated product and category sitemap XML files for registration with the search engines.

For more information on our SEO for ecommerce features, visit the ecommerce SEO Marketing page.