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Out-of-the-box Marketing & SEO Capabilities

As a Full-service Firm, Clarity can help with your Digital Marketing Needs
eCommerce Built with SEO in Mind

Clarity's Out-of-the-box Marketing & SEO

Clarity eCommerce™ includes built in SEO tools, making it easy to optimize your website and it's product pages for search engines. For product page SEO, Clarity eCommerce™ includes page level controls for titles, meta info, and headers, SEO friendly URLs, optimized site structure, and 301 redirects.

Built with SEO in mind, Clarity eCommerce can turn your eCommerce store into an SEO goldmine. Every category page can be extending into rich SEO category landing pages, designed to drive traffic to your site and help improve conversions. Product pages become SEO-rich content, intended to drive traffic to the site dynamically. Clarity Admin UI automatically builds your product and category sitemap XML files, so you can easily register them with Webmaster Tools, Bing and Yahoo to ensure easy indexing.


301 Redirections and SEO

Are 301 redirects bad for SEO? It's an excellent question that should be addressed.

It all depends on the way you do it. If you go about it in a sloppy fashion, 301 SEO problems can hurt you. If don't right, it can acutally help. Click on that last link to find out more.

What's Trending? What are users doing?

Capturing Analytics

Track important online metrics, improve sales, and increase conversions with Clarity's built in analytics tool. Every business has its own KPIs, so Clarity allows customization so you get reports on what matters to your business. Some eCommerce KPIs you may want to track are average customer order, average order value, the number of visits before purchase, and visit duration before purchase. We have a learning module to utilize artificial intelligence in eCommerce, or you can use Google Tag Manager. Either way, you'll get insights into your customer's and visitor's browsing and purchasing behaviors.

clarity ecommerce analtics tools
Social Accounts, Sharing, Ratings & Reviews

Social Media

Clarity eCommerce's™ social media integration allows for customer social media based registration and login, as well as sharing and following from within the user experience.


SEO that Brings Results

Clarity can handle your SEO and get your results, whether you're a startup or need enterprise SEO solutions.

We offer a complimentary discovery process, a no-pressure call where we'll help you make a plan for your SEO future. Get in touch today!