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Clarity eCommerce™ is a natural fit for B2B eCommerce, and it all starts with the robust integration capabilities that allow it to communicate seamlessly with all of your core business systems. Secure, bi-directional integration with Clarity Connect™ makes possible thousands of integrations that allow you to tailor your platform to your business.

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Unlimited SKUs and Attributes

If you've got a large or complicated product catalog, many platforms will limit your ability to display your products correctly to customers. This can result in lost sales or returned items. With Clarity eCommerce™, there are no limits on SKUs or attributes, which means that any configuration of a product will be available online, with the proper SKU to communicate with inventory management. New SKUs for unique configurations can even be constructed dynamically if needed.

Multi-Site + Multi-Store

A wise man once told us that you can leverage a B2B platform into B2C, but not a B2C platform into B2B. Multi-site capabilities are a great example of that truism, as most B2C platforms cannot be deployed to multiple sites using the same back end. With Clarity, you have the ability to set up as many sites as you need, displaying only the relevant products to your suppliers. This makes buying from your site much, much easier which of course can result in increased sales.

Inventory Management

Dependability is crucial when your customers are businesses, especially if they buy in large quantities. B2B buyers want to be sure that you have what they need, and integrated inventory management allows you to confirm your inventory before completing a sale. You can take this further by displaying available inventory on your site, or even inventory at specific warehouses which allows buyers to choose the best location for the items to ship from.


Shipping options are inherently complicated in B2B eCommerce. Your clients may have docks that are only open certain days or certain times. They may need to split the shipment to multiple warehouses, and those splits will require specific quantities for each. B2B buyers tend to have their own preferred freight carrier and the best implementations allow them to configure their shipping options at checkout. Clarity can even build in an inter-modal shipping calculator that allows the customer to find the best option for them without intervention from your team.




Customization (Professional Services)

Any true B2B eCommerce implementation is going to require significant customization, and Clarity eCommerce was built with these projects in mind. At Clarity, this customization is part of the model, not just something we can do on the side. Our developers are able to build on past implementations to deliver just what you need, so your business can take full advantage of our expertise.

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