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Enhance Your eCommerce Digital Storefront


Design Solutions for Digital Storefronts

A Harvard study showed that after just 50 milliseconds, a visitor to your website has drawn a conclusion about your site's professionalism. This is why the design and appearance of your digital storefront matters—it only takes one glace for someone to decide if they'll stay or bounce.

Clarity's B2B and B2C multivendor marketplace platform, Clarity eCommerce Framework™, allows your business to run multiple eCommerce storefronts from a single dashboard and database. This design, along with its HTML-CSS skin, enables you to deliver separate, targeted shopping experiences to different customer bases without any added complications on the back end. Targeted branding, functionality, product cataloging, and unique experiences can increase conversion rates and the value of the average order. Furthermore, Clarity eCommerce Framework™ displays images using immersive zoom and dynamic image resizing, which means you can upload a high-resolution image and it will be sized perfectly for your product page. Clarity's multivendor digital storefront solution makes your business goals attainable.

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Use Product Categories to Show Relevant Product Examples

Product pages are designed to show off product details and display the most crucial information to the customer. Site search allows customers to quickly locate the items they are looking for and add them to their cart. Products can also be organized into unlimited categories for intuitive filtering; there is no limit to the ways you can allow customers to filter results. A highly operational search function suggests products as the customer types in their query, both within a single digital store and across a multivendor eCommerce implementation. This ensures that search results provide relevant product examples. We've adopted Elastic Search because some of our clients run millions of SKUs in a single catalog. Fuzzy logic matching, predictive autofill, and pagination are just a few of the hundreds of features within Elastic Search.


Mobile Responsive Design for Digital Storefronts

Clarity creates websites made to convert sales on all devices, and none are more crucial at this point than mobile. Allow Clarity to pair your multivendor eCommerce storefront with a fully responsive site that will deliver an excellent and consistent customer experience across all technologies.

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Well-designed Navigation is the Roadmap to Your Visitor's Success

Shopping Features for Your Electronic Storefront

Make shopping more convenient by activating the robust multivendor marketplace features of Clarity eCommerce Framework™:

Customer Tracking

Just like the biggest online retailers, your store can retain customers’ carts when they leave the store, making a purchase easier and more likely when they return.


Shareable wishlists make it easy for customers to keep tabs on items they are thinking of buying and send lists to friends and family to buy their gifts from your store.


Display items that the customer might also be interested in. These can be accessories, warranties, or incentives to buy more (e.g., buy 2, get 50% off the 2nd order).


Display products that are frequently bought with the item on display to make shopping easier for the customer and increase the average order size.


Display suggested bundles of commonly paired items and offer a discount for buying them together (e.g., buy 2 or more accessories, get 20% off all accessories)

Ratings & Reviews

Customer Reviews are Gold for Digital Storefronts

Social proof is the most powerful selling tool at your disposal, and the most valuable is a customer review. Research shows that having just one positive review on a product page can raise conversions by 10 percent, while having six positive reviews can result in a 30 percent increase in sales. Clarity’s multistore solution with Clarity eCommerce Framework™ makes implementing product reviews simple, which increases the likelihood of a customer leaving a review.


Clarity Can Help

If you are looking for a multivendor digital storefront solution, look no further than Clarity eCommerce Framework™. With customizable features, robust elements, and our expert eCommerce website developers, we can design a solution that will fit your company’s needs. You can have a professionally designed digital storefront with excellent search functionality, unique experiences for customers, a seamless user interface across devices, and more. All of these features will allow your business to grow in a competitive eCommerce marketplace.

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