Mobile Responsive Design and Why Websites Need It

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Importance of Mobile Responsive Website

Why Be Mobile-Responsive?

Why Be Mobile-Responsive?

When someone uses their smartphone’s browser to access your website, they want to have a seamless experience. This is what being mobile-responsive means. Users who have a bad experience on mobile are likely to leave and never come back, even on their desktops.

If you want to be as successful as possible, your eCommerce platform needs to be mobile-responsive. It’s critical that users can transition smoothly between the desktop and mobile versions. The mobile version needs to be a simplified, yet comprehensive, form of the full desktop version.

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How Does Mobile Responsive Design Work?

With a mobile responsive design, you won’t need to design multiple websites for various screen sizes. Instead, you can develop just one website, and make it able to scale up or down automatically.

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What Is Mobile-First Platform Development?

Mobile-first development is designing the platform to be optimized for mobile first, before optimizing the desktop version. Google has started to rank mobile-first websites higher in search results.

As technology moves forward and mobile devices become more and more sophisticated, a mobile-first approach will be the best way to go.

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What Is the Mobile Responsive Template Strategy?

Mobile Responsive Template Strategy

To make a mobile-responsive platform, one way is to use a template strategy. A responsive template will automatically scale its material and factors to match the screen size it’s on.

This includes preventing images from being wider than the screen’s width, and keeping everything within neat margins rather than running off the page or becoming too small. These mobile optimizations enhance user experience and comprehension of your content.

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What Is a Dedicated Mobile Template?

A dedicated mobile template is a smaller, mobile-optimized template of your website. It is a distinct design template from the desktop website, so you can customize the layout of each version.

The desktop and mobile versions of the website still draw upon the same data, so the same content will be presented on both.

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What Are the Benefits of a Mobile-First Platform?

Developing your eCommerce platform with mobile-first optimization will give your website faster loading time on mobile. Fast load speed is the result of only submitting the material needed for the mobile version. A streamlined mobile platforms makes operation smooth and robust.

Benefits of a Mobile-First Platform

With a platform optimized for different devices, you can customize the platform for each device’s particular online strategy. Since mobile devices and tablets are becoming more popular for online shopping, product research, and more, it’s best to optimize for mobile first.

Areas of Optimization within the Platform:

  • Structure
  • Navigation
  • Layout
  • Buttons
  • Images (size and placement)
  • Cart and checkout
  • User experience and buyer journey

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Why mobile responsive is important

Further Advantages to an Optimized Mobile Platform

Decrease Development Costs

With a mobile responsive website, you only need one website to work on every device. This is also referred to as omnichannel. Omnichannel UX is a seamless transition from one device or channel to another.

This provides you the opportunity to build a highly advanced eCommerce platform, because you won’t have the added expense of multiple websites. If you can make your omnichannel UX better than your competitors’, you’re already winning.

Experience the Flexibility

A responsive website design enables you to make changes easily. You won’t need to worry about modifying two websites. This means that you can make instant design and content changes to your site, and those changes are immediately reflected whether you’re on desktop or your phone.

Improve Conversion Rate with Omnichannel UX

When you make a responsive website, you inherently improve the experience of your users. Omnichannel UX is becoming more and more imperative for businesses to stay competitive.

Visitors are much more likely to convert if they can get a quote or add to their cart on whatever device they happen to be using.

Improve Conversion Rate with Omnichannel UX

It’s best to provide customers with as many options as possible, so they can take action while they are thinking about it with the device they have at the time.

If they have to wait until later to get to their computer, they may forget or decide to look on someone else’s website that is more convenient.


Develop a World-Class Mobile-First Platform

Clarity specializes in mobile-responsive platforms that adapt to your particular business needs. We are happy to discuss your project with you and find the best options for your business.

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