eCommerce Auctions Across Devices

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eCommerce Auctions Across Devices

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Notifications on Multiple Devices

In order for an eAuction business to perform, there must be enough qualified and interested bidders that stay engaged throughout the entire process.

Notifications are critical for this and should be configurable to manage easily. Users should be able to set specific preferences, such as how often they are notified and for what. Bidders may want to be kept apprised if they are outbid, or if there’s something they might be interested in based on previous searches. Setting “watches” on certain items is another useful function, so that bidders can be notified when those items become available. Notifications are also useful for running promotions for specific groups of auctions.

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Of course, what capabilities will be needed depend on the business. Some businesses may need a mechanical notification with less of a promotional focus, so they can provide a consistent and standard experience for their users, whether it be via email, the app, a text, or some other mode.

These may include automated notifications that keep bidders apprised of whether or not they are in the winning position, if the auction is closing soon, or other useful information. It’s also essential that there is robust communication between the seller and the bidders in case there are questions, technical details they need to review, or other things.

In summary, to have a successful auction, it’s extremely important to have bidders who are qualified and engaged.

seamlessly integrate ecommerce auction software across multiple devices with omnichannel

Omnichannel Provides Seamless Interaction

The majority of people, after initially finding something on an auction eCommerce platform, prefer a mobile or tablet experience to interact with the auctions. In this case, omnichannel is about seamlessly presenting the contents of the site across different devices. To have a responsive presentation of the auction eCommerce website, and to improve the experiences of the platform’s users, everything should be built with mobile and tablet in mind first. Then a more extensive, fully equipped version for desktop or web can be configured.

It’s also extremely valuable to have a native application for iOS and Android that presents the same set of data, and that matches the branding, styling, workflows, and management of the items someone is selling or bidding on.

In addition, many of our clients have onsite interactions during certain types of auctions. For example, with an expensive piece of jewelry or real estate property, there may be in-person components to the processes where the buyer can inspect the items or property. There can also be a similar experience with augmented reality, which should be part of the omnichannel experience.

With so many people using applications across multiple devices, omnichannel is a fundamental aspect of success for eAuction websites. Therefore, if you are looking for a robust platform your business can scale with, make sure it has the best omnichannel experience.


Integrations Are Critical to Functionality

In a similar fashion to omnichannel, as your business scales and offers advanced eCommerce capabilities, you also need the back-office system to scale with you. Integrations are essential for this. With the right integrations, your business can automate fulfillments and use a robust enterprise resource planning (headless ERP) system and accounting. You can also utilize customer service management (CRM) software, warehouse management tools, and shipping automation for fulfillment, logistics, or other field operations, all connected to your traditional or auction marketplace software.

Therefore, it’s crucial that the application programming interface (API), or in other words, the architecture of your C2C, B2C, or B2B auction platform is able to handle interacting with other systems. In fact, this feature should be designed upfront such that it can handle everything effortlessly as part of the core functionality, and that is certainly something Clarity’s eCommerce auction software enables.

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Learn More About Creating a Seamless Experience

Clarity can help you integrate your auction eCommerce platform into a seamless omnichannel experience with the right integrations for your business. With our help, you won’t need to worry about customers getting frustrated at a glitchy mobile or web application. They’ll be able to easily manage their notifications, items, and workflows across all devices—as will the business. Our expert integrations will ensure that everything you need is easily available. Talk to an expert at Clarity to learn more about how we can develop your auction eCommerce platform.

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