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Pros of Headless eCommerce Platform for eAuctions

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Key Takeaways
  • Easy Integration Anywhere: Clarity's auction software smoothly fits into any website, thanks to its modular design and API framework, making it a breeze to add auctions to various online platforms.
  • Auctions on Any Device: Whether it's through mobile apps, tablets, or special devices in live events, Clarity's software lets you host auctions on any device, ensuring secure and flexible interactions.
  • Sleek and Cost-Effective: With Clarity's platform, you get stylish default designs ready to roll, making it a cinch to enhance user experience across different websites and devices. Plus, it's a smart way to cut down on tech costs without sacrificing quality.
  • Tailored Auction Solutions: Whatever your auction needs, Clarity's software adapts, seamlessly adding auction features to existing eCommerce setups without the hassle of a complete system overhaul.

Implement into Any CMS

One of the other topics that we’ll go over here is the idea of a headless auction eCommerce software, or embeddable auction platform. And what do we mean by that? Well, nowadays with all the technology that's available, one of the really powerful things that's possible to do is to make all of the components of the auction eCommerce software modular.

The way that we have architected our eCommerce platform, which is the engine of the auction software, it has an API framework that can be used on any website in the world. Therefore, with any content management system (CMS), static website, or SaaS-based system, we can embed auctions and eCommerce components, auction marketplace software, etc., into a WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DNN (DotNetNuke), or Umbric CMS.

Embed Software Capabilities into Multiple Devices

No matter what types of auctions you're using, we can embed the capability into physical items that can access our APIs via Internet of Things connections (IoT system integration). You could have access to the same set of APIs, and it has to be set up securely. But the idea is that you could have physical interaction with users via an iPad or some kind of note or tablet device, or via mobile application. Or it could be physical devices that you have available on items in an in-person auction.

For example, if there is a car auction, each of the folks in that auction could receive a bidding device that can tie into this auction software. A house could also be sold this way, or valuable a piece of jewelry, etc. It is possible to use this eCommerce platform that hosts the auction software and all of its APIs so that it ties into other systems.

For off-the-shelf components, Clarity has several hundred that are all embeddable, and that make up the eAuction platform. This is a true headless auction software platform. Headless eCommerce means that there is an embeddable set of functionalities that don’t require a certain content management system or integration; it's just components that you can put onto any site anywhere.

Implement software capabilities across multiple devices.

Utilize Headless eCommerce Software Efficiently and Effectively

At Clarity, we make sure our default templates are aesthetically pleasing, modern, and easily navigable, so you don’t have to create these from scratch. We will work with your team so that we can implement these into any existing content management system or additional sites.

We've often found that clients want us to incorporate the eAuction software into multiple web properties and an omnichannel experience. There could be existing websites, or this might be a new website; but either way, we want people to have a seamless experience across all of the existing and new web properties, and across devices and applications, including mobile applications.

Effective headless ecommerce mobile web design.

All of this is possible with headless eCommerce auction software. It allows us to make everything modular and very easy for developers, and even the more technical end users and administrative users, to access and embed these components.

This is extremely beneficial because it can reduce the technology costs from switching and integrating to a new completely new system once you want to turn on auction eCommerce.

Headless eCommerce platforms are also really helpful for a scenario where you want to keep using an existing eCommerce solution, (and it doesn't have auction capabilities) and you just need to turn those on. This will allow for that scenario to work.

No matter what types of auction software you're looking for, Clarity can make it happen.

Benefit from Headless eCommerce

Clarity’s expert developers can customize your eCommerce software to fit your business both now and in the future. Our eCommerce platform, Clarity eCommerce Framework™, implements headless eCommerce strategies so that you can keep doing what you do best, with a software that supports and encourages growth. Talk to an expert to learn more and get a free demo.

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