If you are interested in developing a custom online auction website, our experience at Clarity can go a long way towards getting you the perfect system in place. The following is a detailed explanation of what all we can provide for your new auction website project.

Different Types of Customized Auction Systems

There’s a wide array of custom action systems that we can develop for your organization:

  • Penny Auctions - These auctions are set to automatically increase by just a penny after each bid
  • Ticker Auctions – Similar to a live auction, the timer on these auctions resets upon each new bid
  • Free Auctions – There’s no charge to bid, just the cost of the actual bid
  • Peak Auctions – Auctions that only run during certain hours/days of the week
  • Buy It Now Auctions – Just like eBay, your bidders can choose to pass the auction process and buy a product right away at a certain higher price
  • Beginner Auctions – These are only applicable to new bidders on your site
  • Seat Auctions – These are classified auctions your bidders pay extra to gain access to bidding in
  • Reserve Auctions – This allows you to set a minimum price to begin to auction at

Penny Auction System Customizations

Our team of developers in experienced in what different features work well on a Penny Auction Website. We can customize your system to not only work as a placement for Penny Auction, but also for fixed priced listings. These auctions can also be set up to allow you to place the auction up yourself, or you can allow members who pay to use your site to host their own listings. These listings can accommodate any number of fields and information listings from data fields, pictures, maps, interactive links and videos.

Penny Bid Systems and Design

The design of your penny bid system will have a huge impact on the perceived credibility of your website and company with your customers and bidders. If you are looking to attract a certain kind of customer, our developers can you with the Search Engine Optimization you need to reach that market area. We can also help you expert design ideas to appeal to your desired customer base. And when it comes to getting positive feedback from your customers, our developers can add functionality in place to give your bidders the best experience possible on your website, from auto email updates on the status of the bid, to quick and seamless checkout procedures and update shipping status of their goods.

To get a better idea of how Clarity can help you launch a successful penny auction website, fill out the proposal request form below and someone from our sales team with be in contact with you shortly to explain what all Clarity can help you achieve.