The Importance of Digital Experience in B2B eCommerce

  • Deliver an Unforgettable Experience to Each Customer
  • Increase Visitor Retention with Content Personalization
  • Unlock Your Business Potential with an Omnichannel Approach
  • Provide Better Quality Services Through Data-Driven Decisions
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The Importance of Digital Experience in B2B eCommerce

The Digital Experience is a Game Changer for Business

Studies show that your website only has fifty milliseconds to grab a new visitor's interest. In that short time, customers will decide whether or not they want to do business with your company. Creating a high-end feel from the get-go is essential to distinguishing your website from your competitors'. Even if you don't operate an eCommerce store, keeping up with trends and establishing yourself as a savvy business owner means creating a stellar, high-performance website that keeps customer's attention. Securing your prospects' interests in your site and keeping them coming back for more can be a challenge, especially with so many competing sites so easily available.

Customer expectations are shifting across all sectors, regardless of buying a pair of jeans or purchasing an eCommerce solution for their business. Consumers have come to expect seamless and unique experiences. Companies like Amazon, NetFlix, UberEats, and more have changed the way we view consuming products and services. In the end, everyone wants the same thing, to do business with a company that they connect with and that provides an epic user experience. This applies to companies from all industries. It’s no longer enough for your offering to be best-in-class.

Developed organically out of necessity, Clarity Connect™ integrates the everyday needs of businesses just like yours. We’ve developed a formidable eCommerce connector from the ground up, built to handle your needs of today and scale to tomorrow’s desires. Components of our eCommerce automation software include built-in platform independence, complete administrative tools, native SEO tools and architecture, business intelligence and analytics capabilities, and back-end integration of global shipping and tax options, and so much more.

The Clarity eCommerce™ platform was built in a modular design, which allows us to utilize the necessary components you need for your marketplace project today, while easily being able to add functionality you might need in the future. This keeps you from having to replace a solution because it no longer handles everything you need. Finding the right development partner can streamline the process and ensure that your IT staff is trained and knowledgeable enough to use all the features and benefits of your business applications. If you want to ignite customer satisfaction, streamline customer relationship management and increase sales and profit, Clarity is here customize a solution tailored for your business.

Improved Metrics Across the Board

The Market Shift to Digital

According to Progress Sitefinity, when improving the digital experience of consumers, businesses are seeing an increase in sales results by 24%, customer loyalty improving by 14%, 19% faster time to market, and an 18% reduction in costs. What could you do to improve your digital experience?

The Market Shift to Digital
Create an Unforgettable Experience

Buyers & Sellers Prefer Digital

Both customer - employee safety and business stability has been a large concern for all businesses during COVID-19. According to McKinsey & Company, more than three quarters of buyers and sellers prefer utilizing a digital solution over face-to-face business. What could this mean for your business?

Buyers & Sellers Prefer Digital
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Clarity Integrated
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One of our recent projects Brick Packaging, like every other vendor, struggled digitally adapting their business and providing excellent B2B services for their partners and clients. Their platform was slow and clunky and couldn’t be customized to answer to their quickly changing business needs. The eCommerce store was not fully integrated into their back-office system, therefore not fully integrated into their business processes. It created a ton of manual processing of orders, both for them and their clients. To learn how Clarity resolved Brick's existing problems visit the case study.

The best developers will respond to your needs, incorporate your suggestions, train your staff and create customized solutions to meet your business goals, marketing needs and ability to integrate detailed analytics and user insight. Clarity has been building eCommerce integration solutions for over 14 years. Give Clarity a call and schedule a demo to see how we can help you improve your customer satisfaction, while improving profit margins.

Clarity Services

Get To Know Your Audience

Create a unified user experience through all stages of the buyer journey through the help of data and helpful insights on your consumer-base.

Data-Driven Processes

Aggregate your customer data into a shared location for use in every step of the process. Data-driven decisions increase revenue and drive further business.

Personalized Content

With ever-changing consumer needs, it's essential to deliver engaging and relevant experiences at the right time, all the time.

Seamless Experience

From shopping on a phone to purchase completion on a computer, multiple touchpoints across channels create a seamless experience that improves customer retention.


Powerful Partnerships.
Advanced Capabilities.

Leveraging powerful APIs and continual partnership based integrations to the platform, Clarity eCommerce delivers a consistently growing set of capabilities your business can take advantage of.


The big plus is they have a very skilled team of developers. They have a broad set of offerings, whether it’s backend development, user interface, finance, and creative design... Their pricing is also extremely competitive, especially considering the quality of their custom development work.

Clarity eCommerce™ Resources

We’ve carefully constructed our eCommerce connector with growth in mind. Built on a flexible foundation with the most agile frameworks, Clarity eCommerce™ is made to last as long as your business and grow with it. See below for demos showcasing specific capabilities of the platform, resources and detailed case studies and reference materials.

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