How Business Integration Can Help You

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What, exactly, does business integration entail? The term is actually a catch-all phrase for the process of integrating your business's website with any outside application that can help your business run at its best.

This can mean a complex integration with powerful CRM and ERP systems like Microsoft Great Plains, or a simple integration with popular social media platforms for better marketing and customer interaction. The key is, business integration is designed to use the power of other processes and systems to help your business with its own goals and targets, so that you can maximize your ROI.

CRM and ERP Integration to Reduce Staff Time and Overhead

If you're looking for an overall boost in efficiency across a wide range of departments and processes, then CRM and ERP integration is the most advanced and high pay-off integration you can perform for your eCommerce website.

By using the highly advanced automating features in Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Great Plains, or Clarity CRM's custom solution, you can streamline payroll, track leads, automate supply chain management, respond instantaneously to customer requests, perform HR duties, and much more. Many companies that have integrated CRM or ERP systems into their websites have been able to massively reduce their staff overhead while keeping systems or process as fast as - or faster - than they were before.

Intranet and Extranet Integration for Website Efficiency and Security

Looking for a security or a document management solution instead? Our intranet and extranet integrations will help you store and serve up even the most secure information to the right personnel. Or perhaps you're a smaller business and you're looking for a simple marketing integration that will help you boost the online visibility of your business. Clarity can do that, too.

The bottom line is, we will help you explore your own unique business and workflow to determine the best integrations for your website. Contact Clarity if you're ready to get started.

Custom Integration with Clarity

Some integration firms will attempt to force your business into a "cookie cutter" integration that is supposed to work for the average business. Not Clarity. Our integrations are completely customizable to your business, and we have developers standing by for custom requests at all times. This improves the quality of the actual data and records, as well as the business intelligence and insights that these provide in an aggregated fashion.

Clarity also offers a free phone consultation from our experts in order to discuss your company's specific needs and how they can be addressed. We offer a free quote on your project if it makes sense given your situation. To take advantage of this free consultation you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page, or you can call us directly.

The following are some helpful Business Integration resources: