Who are Clarity Partners?

Clarity partners are technology companies whose enterprise clients are looking for robust, customizable eCommerce offerings that work seamlessly with their other business systems or Agencies that have designed a website or mobile app and need a technology partner to build what they've designed. Either way, Clarity has worked with dozens of partners on hundreds of SEO, web and mobile projects and is happy to discuss your project with you. So whether your're looking for us to build your project, or looking to resell or implement our eCommerce or integration platform, give us a call for a free consultation.


Partners might be interested in becoming certified to perform Clarity eCommerce or Clarity Connect implementations, or in becoming a simple reseller of Clarity technologies. Whatever relationship you think could be mutually beneficial, Clarity looks forward to hearing from you!

How Does it Work?

To become a Clarity partner, your company must have at least one Clarity certified team member. Certification is a simple process, in which we will provide clear documentation which can be studied in order to pass the certification exam. Once you have a certified employee, you can perform your first Clarity implementation and begin earning additional revenue as a result.

Revenue Sharing and Marketing Benefits

The benefits of a partnership with Clarity are clear: you get to seamlessly provide your customers with best-in-class technologies that complement your own, and earn a portion of the revenue for doing so. Additionally, our partnership will provide you with marketing benefits such as co-branded case studies, badges and logos on both sites that boost SEO, and partner rewards.

Partner Types

  • Resellers: Resellers do not have to complete certification, and keep 5% of the revenue from any sale.
  • Silver Partners: Silver Partners keep 10% of the revenue from Clarity implementations.
  • Gold Partners: Gold Partners keep 25% of revenue from Clarity implementations.

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a Clarity partner or reseller, or if you have any questions, please contact us now!