Sage ERP software can be used for any business type or size, with Sage 100 and 300 serving primarily small and medium sized businesses, Sage 500 serving medium and large businesses, and Sage X3 serving enterprise level companies. Out of the box, Sage solutions cover accounting, finance, business intelligence, sales management, inventory management, manufacturing management, customer relationship management, and human resources. Integrating Sage business solutions with Clarity Connect™ allows for unique shipping and handling attributes and automatic bi-directional updates, so decision makers gain business insight and are able to easily boost productivity and improve reporting.

As a comprehensive financial suite, businesses are able to align all of their operations to drive global growth and profitability. Sage is a strong solution out of the box, but it can reach its fullest potential when integrated with Clarity Connect, Clarity's middleware solution that integrates your organization's ERP platform to your customer facing eCommerce platform. Now, organizations are able to streamline the activity from the user interface to inventory. This provides decision makers with a healthier ability to make accurate decisions, identify trends, and optimize cash flow. Integrating your sales and service functions for end-to-end financial management provides leadership with tools to enhance financial reporting, compliance, and business intelligence. Once disparate data is now transmutated into meaningful intelligence with the powerful analysis and processes. As eCommerce tends to drive numerous businesses bottom lines, streamlining the purchase process is vital to stay afloat. Informing sales reps of complete, real-time information can be pivotal to help deals move along the sales funnel. Whether your organizing needs help organizing data or executing the sales strategy, Clarity Connect helps streamline these processes.

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