Improve Sales Insight with a Salesforce Integration

A Salesforce CRM integration is the quickest way to tie your business's front-end to the back-end to expose behavioral data to business stakeholders. Take advantage of lead capturing, sales insight, and exposure to your account health and activity. Sales insight allows a real-time look into account balancing and statuses, invoicing, and inventory and warehouse updates. A Salesforce integration with Clarity Connect™ eliminates manual processing for automated data capture and process automation. Not only does automated processes mean less dirty data for your business, but you will reduce overhead and shorten timelines as well.

CRM Integration Benefits

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Clarity Connect™ specializes in securely pushing customer transactions such as orders and payments, quote requests, and account contact information updates from the public facing storefront into an SSL secured internal ERP system. Clarity eCommerce™ integrates with Salesforce to perform supply chain and inventory management, order and billing management, shipping and fulfillment, revenue recognition management, and financial planning.

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