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The Client

A B2B marketplace that enables buyers and suppliers worldwide to trade with buyers and suppliers within Africa. goAfrica’s strategy provides a compelling value proposition for both buyers and suppliers. First, be an easy to use platform with market leading B2B functionalities designed for mobile access. Become the widest B2B selection in Africa of in-demand products including mobile phones, electronics, beauty and clothing at very competitive factory gate prices sourced directly for leading suppliers predominantly based in China. Generate incremental trade with high growth businesses in multiple African countries. Provide a Request for Quote (RFQ) function to generate firm offers from multiple suppliers, effective and efficient logistics partnerships to facilitate cross border delivery, verification and inspection solutions to enable safe trading. goAfrica has developed strong global logistics, bank and technology strategic partners to reinforce customer access, advanced functionality and competitive positioning.


Existing Problems

goArica's founders came to Clarity with a dream to re-create an Alibaba.com for Africa. After living and working for decades in Africa, they wanted to open the markets there to make it easier for local businesses to sell their goods and services, as well as make it easy for global suppliers to get their goods into Africa. Aside from not knowing how to provide a global marketplace in many languages and currencies, they didn't know how to handle the potentially huge payments securely (eg. Kenya purchases a $500,000 Combine from Komatsu in Japan, etc.). How does either the purchaser or supplier guarantee that the order will either be paid for or be shipped as expected?


The Benefits

Clarity eCommerce was first integrated with Payoneer, which provides the escrow account for global transfers, allowing Kenya to purchase equipment from Komatsu in Japan, for example. The payment gets submitted to Payoneer, who releases 20% to Japan to process the order and ship the combine. After the combine is shipped, when the shipper drops it off at the destination and marks it delivered, Payoneer releases the remaining funds to the supplier. After just a few months in production, there's already more than 270,000 products and goods being sold on the platform. It was so successful, that the founders have already sold the company to international investors, who came back to Clarity and had us implement CORS, so that they could integrate their own WordPress front-end marketing website, which could display our .NET menu, featured products and more. Basically, it allows us to bring in elements of the .NET eCommerce platform and display it in another domain, running PHP. They also requested that Clarity customize their live chat module to work with Whatsapp and WeChat to enable live chat sessions across the globe.




Clarity eCommerce™ for the eCommerce platform. Clarity Connect™ for the shipping, sales tax and API integrations for currency conversions. Microsoft ASP.Net for custom e-commerce development. Microsoft SQL Server for scalability and performance. DNN Content Management System for enterprise level CMS. Certified search engine optimization to deliver top SEO results. Angular and Telerik controls to make usability faster and cleaner. Clarity's inclusion of CORS in their platform allows the customer to use a WordPress marketing site, with the .NET DNN CMS and Clarity eCommerce marketplace.

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