The Solution to File Management & Sharing

One of the many complexities involved with a company, whether big or small, is finding a way to effectively share information, of a variety of sources, with not only your internal team, but also satellite locations and even clients around the globe. At Clarity, our implementation of intranets and extranets can streamline this process into something very simple and manageable for your team.

An extranet is actually an intranet that is partially accessible to authorized outsiders.

The terms intranet and extranet can sound complex and confusing. Many of our clients find them to be quite simple though once they understand what basic functions they perform. The basics difference is access; an intranet typically means "no access to the website from outside the network" whereas the extranet is actually an intranet that is partially accessible to authorized outsiders. In today's environment of the travelling and remote / virtual office, your users will need access to your intranet from outside the network. VPN you say? Many hotels' networks disable VPN access so your travelling users may not be able to access important information they need. The solution? Today's CMS's (like DNN) have very detailed and powerful role and scope-based permissions configurations that allow you to build your "intranet" but expose it as an extranet with the security you need to protect sensitive corporate data. Whether you are looking to keep all your company information in one central location or you want to share it with your employees and vendors who are out of the office, intranets and extranets can achieve this result for you.

At Clarity, our group of programmers, designers, and developers have an abundance of experience in implementing intranet and extranet systems. We have successfully built and maintained intranet and extranet systems for small, medium and large-size organizations. To get a look and feel for what our systems have done for our clients, check out our Project Portfolio, including some recently implemented intranet and extranet solutions.

Achieving Security for Your Company with Clarity Intranets and Extranets

When designing and implementing an intranet or extranet system, our team understands the importance of securing your documents and files. We use encryption methods along with SSL technology and several varied access steps to keep your private information secure. On top of providing standard security, we can work with your team to customize a solution that fits all the specific security needs of your business, no matter how unusual or complex they might seem.

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