Central Features for eCommerce Auction Software

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Central Features for eCommerce Auction Software

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Will the Software Meet Your Business’s Requirements as You Scale?

One of the primary considerations for auction eCommerce software or eAuction platforms is whether the software will continue to meet your business requirements as you scale.

To answer this question, you must evaluate different scenarios for what the requirements might be and what customers might be looking for from the auction software.

For example, some of our clients at Clarity sell large or very expensive items on their auction eCommerce platforms.

These types of auctions have specific requirements that must be accounted for when evaluating a software, such as intermodal shipping.

Intermodal Shipping

However, most off-the-shelf eCommerce auction software doesn’t consider intermodal shipping, where the mode of transportation (e.g., truck, cargo ship, train, etc.) changes along the route as the item is shipped.

In many cases, intermodal shipping contains a specific need for dealing with container and less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping, as well as coordination of shipping costs, especially if that cost is significant. Therefore, in order to offer value to the end customer, the auction software must include these shipping features.


Another feature to consider would be escrow, or some form of verification before the buyer can cast the winning bid. Buyers need to verify that they have the level of financial commitment required to purchase the item. There should also be consequences for backing out of the winning bid.

With larger systems, this can become more sophisticated and may require more in-depth verification that goes beyond a simple credit check or authorization of prefunding an account.

Intermodal shipping for eCommerce Auction Products

Nuances of Various Auction Circumstances

In addition, many of Clarity’s clients do real estate auctions with their custom auction website. With real estate, there can be some nuance with how hands-on the purchaser can be with the property before making the purchase.

For example, there could be coordination or scheduling for the buyer to visit the property. In which case, there may need to be integration with the MLS system so that they can schedule those appointments.

Automobile auctions also have their own characteristics. There may need to be coordination between parties to make sure the title and car faxes are clear, or perhaps an inspection needs to be done.

For expensive jewelry, the diamond’s quality and number of carats may need to be validated.

There are also specific needs for non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) or other digital purchases.

With every situation comes unique circumstances, so auction eCommerce software needs to be able to handle whatever situations the business deals with.

For every business, especially with larger or custom purchases, it is vital to be able to verify the purchaser before they can actually cast the winning bid, no matter the type of situation or auction. Therefore, it is a top priority that the software can meet the business’s requirements, even as the business grows.

Auction eCommerce framework to handle every situation

Core Features Every Auction Platform Needs

Auction eCommerce platforms have core features that are fundamental to the functions of the software.

One such aspect is the ability to make a purchase and complete an auction, with different bidding types that each have their own workflows, notifications, interactions, and user interfaces for the sellers and bidders.

This fundamental feature should be in the core offering, but what about other central features?

There is much more beyond the basics that make a successful eAuction platform. The software should also incorporate a robust catalog, search capability, and reporting features, along with organic and paid advertising integration with analytics and tracking.

These analytic and tracking features allow you to keep tabs on marketing efforts, including which campaigns are getting results. There also needs to be an advanced interface for managing the website’s contents.

The list goes on; but the core concept is what features are you getting off-the-shelf compared to other offerings? Do the base features cover most of your needs?

If not, then it may be worth considering another, more robust, offer. There’s no reason to pay for things that should already be there.

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