Types of Marketing for eAuctions

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types of marketing for eauctions

eAuction Chapter 4: Marketing


Organic Marketing

For many businesses, organic marketing is an integral factor to success in the eCommerce auction space. When considering an eAuction software, an important question to ask is:

How does this software, by default, handle dynamic marketing as products and services are added?

A critical factor for dynamic marketing is search engine optimization, or SEO. Therefore, the interface of the auction eCommerce software should prompt for SEO when data is entered and ensure the metainformation is indexed, or able to be categorized by the search engine.

Sitemaps, product feeds, and metainformation with the right schemas are essential so the search engines can optimally index the site content, keep it up to date, and provide the right information for the end user. Whether these factors are properly configured can mean a night and day difference for the business’s performance.

optimized web design for organic marketing in auction eCommerce
Target Your Audience

Paid Advertising

Another important aspect of marketing is paid advertising. A lot of off-the-shelf auction software doesn’t incorporate robust paid advertising capabilities, while custom auction software can have that added.

Nonetheless, it can be extremely advantageous to generate paid ads for common platforms like Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, standard advertising formats like banners, and dynamic ads that, for example, show a countdown timer which can be really enticing.

It depends on the industry and the scenario, but if it makes sense for your business, there are many approaches to paid advertising that Clarity eCommerce Framework™ provides, including retargeting.

paid advertising options

It would make sense to incorporate paid advertising if your business is focusing on specific or high-end clients for auctioning manufacturing equipment or expensive jewelry.

Potential clients might be looking at certain resources, such as Zillow, Wall Street Journal, automobile sites, or other industry publications, depending on what they are looking for. All of these are places you can target and dynamically show content related to those platforms.

Because of the benefits of paid advertising for both B2C and B2B auctions, we encourage you to look for a platform that enables integration and automation of advertising, in addition to tracking abilities for analyzing the advertising’s performance.

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