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Mobile App Development Using Xamarin

Mobile app development doesn't just enhance sales but also creates new frontiers for eCommerce such as monetizing faster deliveries and other special logistics services, making it easier for global customers to shop and order in their native languages and changing how people browse and shop by optimizing searches through deep links that are embedded within the apps.

Back in 2015, mobile eCommerce online purchases surpassed desktop online purchases, showing that not only is the mobile age here, it's become the king. A few years ago, the surge of mobile apps started slowing down with the invention of the mobile responsive web theme.

This allowed websites to display nicely on mobile devices, almost eliminating the need for mobile apps. This holds true for many companies still today. However, since 2017, the need for mobile apps has gained momentum and now, more than ever, companies that are wanting to keep up or stay ahead of the competition need a mobile app.

The questions are now, how much do they cost and what technology should I look for to get it built? Clarity's been building websites and mobile apps for nearly 15 years, and back in 2010, if a corporate site cost $40k to build, then a mobile companion app would have been $80k.

Today, with mobile development platforms like Xamarin, the mobile apps are now as cheap, if not cheaper than the websites, and the beauty of the platform is that it compiles out to both Android and iOS, so instead of building two native mobile apps, you build one and compile to two. It's both a time and cost saving technology.

For a significant portion of the companies seeking an effective mobile application solution, there is no single out-of-the-box answer available today. Traditionally, there are multiple needs that a small, startup, or entrepreneurial company requires, such as:

  • Sharp and Concise UI
  • Customized Applications
  • Complete Hardware, IT, and System Support
  • Direction in Properly Matching Technologies to Business Problems
  • Cost-Effective Development

Out-of-the-box systems simply cannot provide answers to all of these scenarios. Traditionally, the relatively small size of a custom application does not validate hiring an in-house technology specialist either. However, most small to mid-sized businesses are competing in market spaces that demand enterprise-level mobile applications. This means that you need a vendor who is skilled and competent at designing and building mobile applications.

Complete customization within a solid, proven framework. That’s the Clarity difference
All Sizes of Companies

Comprehensive Solutions for All Businesses

In addition to our technology capabilities we deliver decades of experience in consulting with small, startup, and entrepreneurial businesses. With our technology resources and extensive experience base, Clarity Ventures truly offers the complete solution. Doesn’t it make sense to back your business with the tools necessary to deliver an enterprise level solution today?

Clarity mobile responsive site for San Diego International Airport
Xamarin Certified

Clarity Has the Solution

Clarity Ventures addresses the need for complete mobile solution development by providing intelligent, enterprise level solutions for your custom eCommerce solutions. Clarity Ventures offers a team of veteran developers who are both skilled and Xamarin certified, and offer decades of experience in solving unique business problems through web and mobile application development. Some of the most common areas of technology expertise we offer are:

  • Xamarin and Ionic Mobile App Development
  • Custom Database and Code Implementation using ASP.Net, MS SQL, and Microsoft Application stack
  • Basic and Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC, CPA, PPA, AdWords, and Click Management Systems
  • Javascript and Click Tracking Systems
  • Automatic Email/Newsletter Generation, Customization, and Tracking
  • User Security, Membership, and Login
  • Custom Website Development
  • Excess Hardware Capacity Scheduling and Sharing
  • Complete Hosting, Domain, and Email Management
  • eCommerce, Payment, and Client Tracking Systems
  • Mobile-Friendly Web Design for Startups and Established Businesses
clarity mobile app designed for medical client in Utah