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eCommerce Analytics and Data for Manufacturing

Updated November 16, 2022  |  5 min read

Diving Into Data Analytics for Manufacturing eCommerce

As digital technologies improve at retrieving data and transforming it from scattered information to useful insights, more and more businesses are using data analytics for their manufacturing eCommerce platform. With so much customer data available at hand, eCommerce businesses can easily utilize analytics to make better business decisions.

Data analytics has impacted e-commerce businesses significantly. In this article, we will discuss its benefits for manufacturing companies, as well as how you can utilize analytics and data to grow and improve as a business.

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Advantages of Analytics and Data for Manufacturing eCommerce Solutions

Analytics and data allow manufacturing companies to employ high-performance text mining, predictive analytics, and data mining, and other strategies to retrieve information that helps them make good business decisions.

It involves narrowing down all the data to only relevant information. You can use this information to make better and informed decisions. This proactive approach gives the decision-makers of your business the power and to make productive decisions utilizing the knowledge and the insights getting generated in real-time.

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Manufacturing businesses can use analytics and data, can improve their product lines, manufacture the type of products their target audience actually wants, boost customer retention, as well as stand out from the competition. Analytics and data also allow manufacturing companies to respond to changes in the market rapidly. They can be in control of critical consumer shifts and other figures that affect their business.

Here are some ways you analytics and data can be utilized to improve your eCommerce manufacturing platform:

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Campaigns To Generate High Revenues

The average customer’s online shopping journey is not linear anymore- they move from one site to another, go through search engines for vouchers and promos, and read online reviews, before coming back to your platform to make a purchase, maybe through a different device.

Analyzing and capturing all these interactions can be a challenging job for a human analyst. However, it is barely a challenge for an algorithm. By churning and gauging all these online behaviors, modern analytics and data tools can compile detailed user personas. They can create data-rich profiles for different segments of your audience. The detail of these profiles is more thorough than the usual demographic data.

Automated analytics and data solutions will capture each interaction a person has had in the past- product views, past purchases, clicks, etc.- and provide customized product recommendations according to the data the system has on a particular user.

Product Research and Development Driven By Data

Deciding what new products to develop or sell is a challenging task for eCommerce manufacturing companies. It is possible that their idea seems good in theory, but flops in practical life due to poor positioning and market research.

Many new manufacturing eCommerce businesses try to make money off on-the-moment trends instead of developing a 360-degree outlook of the industry and planning ahead. That is why there needs to be solid data backing up every hunch. The data should show you what customers are buying, the money they are willing to pay for it, etc. Back in the day, you had to hire consulting companies to conduct such research. This is not required anymore. There are many manufacturing eCommerce data analytics solutions available these days that can provide all these insights at a much lower price. All that's left for you to do is interpret this data.

These days, consumers are very vocal about their preferences and demands on the Internet. Manufacturing companies that successfully capture this data, use it for product research and product development, and to hire relevant staff are much more successful in the long-term.

Customer Service

Make Your Customers Love Doing Business With You. Regardless of the industry, an eCommerce business’s success largely depends on its customer service. Fortunately, companies cannot utilize analytics and data reports to improve the user experience. These can help identify major issues so your team can resolve them and improve their processes. It will ensure your customers enjoy using your platform for online shopping. This satisfaction is key to grow as a business.

Operations Plans

Analytics and data reports will help you get a better understanding of all the operations that run your business. Using data for manufacturing eCommerce will help you manage the supply chain, inventory, and forecasting demands. You can also use data to formulate better sales strategies and price strategies.

Not to forget, you can easily decide the most effective way to ensure operational efficiency across different channels thanks to the flexibility of your B2B eCommerce solution.

Improved Pricing Strategy

Stay Up-to-date. Since eCommerce analytics and data allows you to have access to granular insights, you can drop or surge product prices according to each customer’s tolerance. Data-driven price management strategies bring great results in a short time.

Automation can also ensure improved quick decision making, for example, justifying to your sales team the discounted price of a product line and its impact on profitability or the response of a certain customer segment to a 10% discount. Essentially, manufacturing eCommerce analytics and data will make your company more agile and able to respond to changes in the market instantly.

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Clarity - The Manufacturing eCommerce Experts

To conclude, eCommerce analytics and data for manufacturing eCommerce companies have many benefits. From analyzing and understanding customer behavior and preferences, eCommerce analytics and data can significantly benefit your manufacturing business. Apart from enhancing customer service, it will also allow you to understand and identify your business’s weaknesses and strengths. This will enable you to improve your pricing strategies, product designs, and help your business to stand out from the competition.

If you want to know more about this topic, we suggest reaching out to our team. Our professionals will be glad to offer any help or answer any technical questions you may have on your mind related to manufacturing eCommerce solutions. Clarity has a friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable business development and sales team. They will also provide you a complimentary analysis. Get in touch with us today. We look forward to having a discussion with you regarding your upcoming eCommerce project.

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