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Innovate your Busines with an eCommerce Solution

eCommerce is changing the way manufacturing businesses work. This transformation is the result of customers getting familiar with buying products through online stores. As a manufacturing business, it is essential to understand that your clients are consumers too. As a matter of fact, they are probably more demanding in regard to looking for the information they require to make sensible purchases.

These days, convenience trumps everything. So, businesses adopting omnichannel commerce today will dominate the market tomorrow.

The manufacturing industry is evolving with these advancements too. Therefore, manufacturers that only serve customers through email, fax, or phone risk losing the loyalty of digital-savvy customers.

These buyers want to take charge of all the order related information, such as their order history, product details, inventory levels, or any negotiated discounts. They want the facility to buy goods at any time and place. They want the information to be accessible to them anywhere and anytime.

How is Manufacturing eCommerce Innovating The Manufacturing Industry

Ways Manufacturers Can Benefit From eCommerce

Expanded Business Functions icon

Expanded Business Functions

It is understandable why the expectations of customers that companies will bring their business on the Internet can be scary for a lot of people in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing is a complex business so translating its workings to an online platform seems like a huge challenge. But it does not have to be.

There are many benefits of employing B2B eCommerce for manufacturing companies and it is not that difficult. For example, most processes can remain the same, e.g your sales process. It only serves as an additional channel.

A Tailor-made Catalog icon

A Tailor-made Catalog

A manufacturing eCommerce solution allows you to have a custom catalog for each client. Now as a manufacturer, you probably have an amazing collection of products that you want to show to all your customers. However, if your prices differ depending on the customer and specific situation, you cannot just share your pricing like that. You need to be careful. Fortunately, this is possible with manufacturing eCommerce software. You can have tailor-made product catalogs. These would only feature products that are relevant to the particular customer.

By linking your collection to a personalized user account, your customers only get to see products that fulfill their requirements and needs.

It Provides Visibility for Spare Parts icon

It Provides Visibility for Spare Parts

A lot of manufacturing companies have a high demand for connecting parts. A manufacturing eCommerce platform with an ERP integration will match these parts with the products purchased by the clients. This makes upselling and cross-selling efficient and easy. Clients are not required to spend time and energy searching for spare parts- a simple win for both efficiency and service.

Private Label Promotion icon

Private Label Promotion

Manufacturing businesses that have a private label get an additional perk from adopting eCommerce. An online manufacturing eCommerce store enables you to promote your products by giving suggestions to customers. You can also offer them as high-quality spare parts. This improves the sales of your private label products, as well as upsell and cross-sell results.

In fact, you can create your own white-label marketplace that is completely separate from your current business, even though it all connects to the same back-end software.

Configure Your Products Online icon

Configure Your Products Online

Apart from the ability to compare and match similar products, a manufacturing eCommerce solution also allows you to configure your products online. You can categorize products according to their color, size, and shape. This will allow your customers to customize the product catalog and find products according to their personal requirements without the assistance of your support and sales department. It saves both your company’s staff and clients a lot of time and energy.

Sell Your Entire Assortment Online icon

Sell Your Entire Assortment Online

For manufacturers, their collection can include hundreds of products. However, out of all these products, the average client knows and purchases only a certain percentage. However, you probably have so much more to offer than the things your clients already know about.

Adding a manufacturing eCommerce platform to your sales channels makes it easier to inform your clients about your entire assortments. Features like search filters, search suggestions, and quick search allow clients to navigate through all the products. Moreover, customers can learn about any new and additional products, including alternatives.

How Clarity can Help

Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce Experts

One of the most lucrative shopping platforms these days is the Internet. Consumers can immediately fulfill their wants and needs by ordering products online. Therefore, a well-designed eCommerce solution provides many opportunities to innovate your manufacturing business. It can also improve the outcomes of all kinds of companies, especially manufacturing. Your manufacturing business will grow as you increase your offering to your clients.

To conclude, implementing a manufacturing eCommerce solution cohesively with your current sales model has a lot of benefits. These advantages can be observed in the form of improved sales, better relationship between the manufacturer and the distributor, increased brand awareness, and production efficiency.

If you want to know more about this particular topic, we encourage you to get in touch with our experienced team. The Clarity team will be happy to provide answers to any queries that you may have regarding B2B eCommerce solutions for manufacturing companies. We have an extremely professional and knowledgeable staff who can also provide a complimentary analysis. We certainly look forward to talking with you about your Manufacturing eCommerce project.