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Finding the Right Solution Unique to Your Business

The global spread of the Internet has lead to an increasing number of technology and web-savvy customers. This advancement has also opened many doors for manufacturers to interact with and meet potential customers. Like every other industry, eCommerce is also prevalent in distribution and manufacturing systems.

Over the last few years, online stores have proven to be massive game-changers in the retail industry. The advent of eCommerce has also permanently changed the expectations of consumers. Recently, even manufacturers have started to use Manufacturing Online Store Solutions as a way of marketing their products to target audiences. Most manufacturing businesses are spending a lot of resources to set up robust eCommerce capabilities. The good news is that there are so many online store solutions out there that can help you get started. The following Manufacturing Custom Online Store solutions allow manufacturers to provide an individualized and personalized online experience to their audience.

Shopify icon


A Canadian online store solution, Shopify allows enterprises to focus their activities on the growing social commerce and mobile shopping. The manufacturing eCommerce solution continues to be on par with the latest online shopping trends and technologies since 2004. It also allows retailers to utilize their social networking platforms to encourage their audience to purchase products.

One of the best things about this online store solution is that it offers sellers (including manufacturers) a wide range of plug-ins, themes, and extensions for building robust online stores. Moreover, online sellers can transform their Facebook pages into online stores for only 9 dollars. Shopify also provides shopping carts, mobile-friendly applications, and 24-hour technical support.

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Ever since its release in the eCommerce industry in 2008, Magento has quickly created a reputation for the reliability and scalability if offers to online sellers. It is an open-source online store solution that is perfect for various online retailers, including manufacturers. Many renowned businesses such as Burger King, Huawei, and Liverpool F.C use Magento for their websites.

Since it is an open-source platform, an unlimited amount of customization options are available to online sellers. It also provides over 9,000 plug-ins and extensions for powering eCommerce websites. Other amazing features include an extensive set of theme demos and free extensions for social media.

YoKart icon


YoKart targets small and budding enterprises. So any budding manufacturing businesses who want to make a debut in the eCommerce sector can utilize this Manufacturing eCommerce Software.

With YoKart, you can establish your presence in online retail as well as expand your reach to target audiences on a global scale. The online store solution offers analytics tools, diverse and secure payment gateways, and features for discount coupon management. YoKart is known for its built-in multi-currency and multilingual features, product catalog system, and 12-month long free customer support. They also provide their users with detailed video tutorials and manuals. Online sellers can really benefit from their mobile-friendly design and dedicated apps.

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One of the more renowned e-commerce solutions, BigCommerce is currently responsible for powering 55,000 online stores. Its user-base includes huge brands like Martha Stewart and Toyota. The platform is suitable for both small and large businesses. It can be also particularly useful for online vendors who do not have any basic programming skills.

BigCommerce provides its online sellers with a variety of built-in features. It also allows them to integrate their manufacturing eCommerce platforms with Facebook, eBay, and Google. Online vendors are also provided with tutorial videos, detailed guides, and setup wizards with illustrations and visual demos to help them get started without any problems. Another benefit of this platform is that no transaction fee will be charged.

VTEX icon


With a merchandise value of up to 1.8 billion dollars, VTEX is an eCommerce solution used by many world-renowned brands and business chains. These include Sony, Disney, Coco-Cola, and Wal-Mart. This Brazilian online store solution is perfect for any brand that wants to achieve its goals via the power of online shopping and the Internet.

However, what makes VTEX stand out from other Manufacturing Online Store Solutions is one of its features, called the “Password Free Checkout.” This feature allows online vendors to improve the organic traffic on their eCommerce platform by 30%. It can also boost conversion rates by 54% and increase revenues by 28%.

How Clarity can Help

Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce Experts

The Internet these days serves as a lucrative platform for shopping. It allows consumers to instantly fulfill their needs and wants. A well-designed eCommerce solution can help improve the results of all types of organizations, especially manufacturing. It will allow your organization to grow as you increase your offering to end-users.

With all Manufacturing Online Store Solutions listed above, manufacturers can make enter the realm of online retail effortlessly. However, it is important to remember that the success of your online store largely depends on how you combine eCommerce with your existing business model. You need to select a solution that matches the business model of your organization. The best way to determine what platform is right for you is by identifying the needs of your business. You need to know what you are seeking to achieve with eCommerce. After that, you can compare this data with what each online store solution is offering.

To conclude, a manufacturing online store has a lot of benefits. These include improved sales, a better relationship between the manufacturer and the distributor, increased brand awareness, and production efficiency.

If you have more questions related to this subject, we encourage you to get in touch with our team. They will be happy to provide a technical response to any questions that you may have regarding eCommerce solutions for manufacturers. The Clarity team has knowledgeable and amiable business development and sales staff. They can also give you a complimentary analysis. We certainly look forward to answering your questions and talking with you about your upcoming Manufacturing eCommerce project.