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Many manufacturers are not selling their products directly to customers. It is either due to a lack of capability or to avoid hurting their relationships with resellers. However, brands that do not utilize eCommerce are losing out on various benefits. These include:

  • An additional income source
  • Opportunity to improve sales
  • Displaying massive quantities of company products in a user-friendly way
  • Short sale cycles (customers will be able to purchase exactly what they are looking for or get in touch with your company directly for custom orders)
  • Standing out from the competition

If you are planning to develop a Manufacturing Online Store Platform for your organization, here are some things you must consider:

How is Manufacturing eCommerce Innovating The Manufacturing Industry

Ways Manufacturers Can Benefit From eCommerce

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Determine Your Audience

The main hurdle of running a manufacturing eCommerce platform is identifying your audience. You have to define your company's niche before anything else. While it might seem stressful, it is important not to overthink it. You can follow these steps:

  • Thoroughly go through your customer base's background
  • Try to understand and identify what motivates these customers to purchase from you
  • Determine what is that customers value in your company's products
  • Study competitor’s websites and perform a competitive evaluation
  • Determine your pricing and margins
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Choose a Product

Once you have built a foundation for your Manufacturing Online Store Platform, it is time to determine what products you want to sell. You can follow these steps to find your niche and choose products that your audience will value:

  • Determine whether you want to sell your company's entire offering or selected items
  • List down products that generate the majority of your business's revenue currently
  • Evaluate the market and look for an opportunity gap
  • Stay up to date with industry-related news and with new trends. It is important to be aware of your customers' needs

A manufacturing eCommerce platform can serve as an affordable platform to release new products without any initial investment involved in traditional product launches.

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Building Your Manufacturing eCommerce Platform

Once you have taken care of everything mentioned above, you can start building your online store. Some things you must remember are:

  • The goals of your online platform
  • Choosing a Manufacturing Online Store Solution that can fulfill these goals
  • The theme of your store
  • The design of your store
  • Product descriptions and photography
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Hire Someone to Manage Your Platform

As soon as you have a manufacturing eCommerce platform, you must partner with someone who can take care of the daily aspects. This will give you time to pay attention to the bigger picture.

All of this combined will provide your customers with an understanding of your brand’s vision and voice. It will thereby make your business stand out from the competition. Since it is a huge undertaking, you must take time with your digital eCommerce manufacturing decisioins.

Things you need in the longer-run

Maintaining Your Manufacturing Custom Online Store

Come Up a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Before moving forward, you need to build a solid social media strategy. It is necessary if you want a consistent traffic flow to your eCommerce store. Here are some things you can to get started:

  • Choose a social platform that would work well for your business
  • Get your brand’s name registered. Keep it the same across various sites
  • Attract a following through targeted posts and regular updates

Keep in mind that social networking takes up a lot of energy and time. So make sure you only utilize the platforms that are significant to your specific customer base.

Create an Email Marketing Strategy

After social media marketing, email marketing is one of the most beneficial communication channels. To get started with email marketing, you need to choose a provider. There are many providers in the market. These include Constant Contact, Get Response, MailChimp, etc. After that, you can set up an email campaign by crafting templates, a welcome email, upsell emails, abandoned cart emails, etc.

Update and Refresh Products

After you have attracted enough customer base to your online store through social media and email, it is important to regularly update your platform. It will ensure your customers keep coming back. You can utilize features like a separate section for “featured products,” customer testimonials, “similar products” recommendations, etc. It may also be a great idea to update the appearance of your online storefront to improve user experience.

Improving and Analyzing Your Manufacturing Online Store Platform

How to Keep Improving your Online Store

Identify KPIs

Tracking and identifying a set of KPIs (key performance indicators) can help you determine if everything is on track or not. KPIs are often divided into the following two categories: Marketing and Sales. Some of the sales KPIs we recommend include monthly sales, conversion rate, avg. order size, rate of cart abandonment, etc. Marketing KPIs often include page views, subscriber rate, referrals, time spent on site, the ratio between returning and new visitors, social network followers, etc. There are a lot more KPIs you can define. It depends on your goals and strategy.

Analytics Campaign

An analytics campaign can provide you with useful insight regarding how your site’s visitors interact. For example, the page they view the most, how much time they spend on the site, etc. You can use services like Google Analytics for this. In eCommerce tracking, you can set up goals and funnels. You can also select any keywords you want to track. It is a crucial aspect of running a Manufacturing Online Store Platform because you would be blind without customer analytics.

How Clarity can Help

Clarity Manufacturing eCommerce Experts

One of the most lucrative shopping platforms these days is the Internet. Consumers can immediately fulfill their wants and needs by ordering products online. Therefore, a well-designed eCommerce solution provides many opportunities to innovate your manufacturing business. It can also improve the outcomes of all kinds of companies, especially manufacturing. Your manufacturing business will grow as you increase your offering to your clients.

To conclude, implementing a manufacturing eCommerce model cohesively with your current sales model has a lot of benefits. These advantages can be observed in the form of improved sales, better relationship between the manufacturer and the distributor, increased brand awareness, and production efficiency.

If you want to know more about this particular topic, we encourage you to get in touch with our experienced team. The Clarity team will be happy to provide answers to any queries that you may have regarding B2B eCommerce solutions for manufacturing companies. We have an extremely professional and knowledgeable staff who can also provide a complimentary analysis. We certainly look forward to talking with you about your Manufacturing eCommerce project.