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Marketplace vs. Brand Platforms

Focus where it matters the most.When it comes to moving your business online, a lot of manufacturers find it hard to determine where they should focus their resources. Is it more beneficial to create a manufacturing eCommerce platform under their own brand name? Or should they invest their time in marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, or Etsy?

Well, they can do both. It is really important to have your own online presence for consumers who prefer purchasing directly. However, by making their products and services available on marketplace platforms, they will have multichannel sales options.

Automated Replenishment

Making re-ordering easy. Many wholesale and manufacturing businesses sell inventory stock and products that are required regularly by their clients. These could include something as basic as office supplies and consumables or spare parts used to build whole goods.

For such businesses, having automated replenishment capabilities for customers will make the process of re-ordering the products they frequently purchase so much easier. You can even automate emails to send regular reminders to customers that it may be time to replenish their stock.

Engaging Manufacturing eCommerce Solution

Utilizing the best of content marketing tools and platforms.Your trade portal or manufacturing eCommerce website should be user-friendly and engaging. Creating and maintaining your website is crucial, no matter your sector or industry. It should show everything available. All the products should be displayed with quality images, product details, and relevant specifications. So the customers have all the information they need to make a purchase. Inventory stock should be searchable and accessible 24/7. Customers should be able to dispatch information and check the availability of products in real-time.

Your manufacturing eCommerce platform can also benefit from content marketing. SEO can help rank your site higher on search engines. Additionally, your platform should be responsive and functional on all devices. With mobile eCommerce growing exponentially, it would be ideal to invest in mobile technology for your manufacturing eCommerce solution.

Customer Support

Support team contributing to the targets. Sales teams now take part in the support process of eCommerce purchases. By determining key pain-points and calculating the cost to support customers, manufacturers can improve the performance of the sales team.

These teams should be appropriately trained so they can proactively boost the overall user experience and provide value at each step. Manufacturers should invest in solutions that can provide relevant information to customers after the order. This way, they can free-up sales personnel to focus on cross-selling and up-selling activities instead. This strategy will change the relationship between sales staff and customers from a transactional nature to a consultant-client relationship. It will also help boost the top-line revenue coming from B2B consumers.


Plan big, plan ahead. As manufacturers and wholesalers seek to sell, they must ensure that their manufacturing eCommerce integration is scalable and flexible. Therefore, it is necessary for them to choose solutions that can adapt to their business. They should look for a wholesale eCommerce platform that can provide a customized B2B solution for their manufacturing company.

Extensions and Integrations for Manufacturers

Omnichannel experience for manufacturers. Integrating your manufacturing eCommerce solution with OMS, CRM, and ERP systems will allow you to fulfill the omnichannel circle. It will allow you to integrate the pre-existing backend customer data with your new system. A large number of integrations available to third-party services, such as email service providers, payment gateways, loyalty programs, social media, fraud detection, and more, mean it is now possible for manufacturers to truly provide an omnichannel experience.

Get Running Quickly with The Clarity Connect Platform

Cater Your Customers - Anywhere, Anytime. If you want a quick solution, our Connect platform can get you running in no time. We provide a leading-edge, affordable eCommerce solution with the highest-impact features into a compact offering.

Make the process of purchasing from you easy and straightforward. Modern B2B consumers prefer the flexibility that results from omnichannel commerce. Make sure your B2B customers have access to features like account-based pricing, self-service, and updated support materials. Improve customer engagement and increase revenue by leveraging new markets and direct-to-consumer sales opportunities.

How Clarity can Help

Clarity - The Manufacturing eCommerce Experts

Manufacturing eCommerce is more than just about providing transactional capabilities to your customers. It is about ensuring a purposeful and engaging online experience to all kinds of customers, with the same idea about your brand across each channel.

One of the most profitable shopping platforms these days is the web. It is possible to fulfill all your needs with a single click these days. Therefore, it is important for manufacturing companies to invest in an effective eCommerce solution. It can improve your reach globally, allowing you to scale your business. Your manufacturing company will grow as you improve your offering to consumers and provide an omnichannel experience.

To sum up, a good manufacturing eCommerce model can help improve your manufacturing workflow efficiency. You will notice the advantages in the form of improved manufacturer-distributor relationships, increased sales, production efficiency, and more brand awareness.

If you want to know more about this particular topic, we encourage you to get in touch with our experienced team. The Clarity team will be happy to provide answers to any queries that you may have regarding B2B eCommerce solutions for manufacturing companies. We have an extremely professional and knowledgeable staff who can also provide a complimentary analysis. We certainly look forward to talking with you about your Manufacturing eCommerce project.