Increase tax accuracy for domestic & international eCommerce

Many eCommerce platforms struggle with calculating taxes because it's a manual and error-prone process. Companies have to consider that not all states and countries have the same sales tax rates, tracking rates, and tax laws, so compliance can be difficult. Clarity eCommerce comes equipped with all the tools needed for a stress-free taxation process, including sales tax calculation by region and certificate management through Avalara.

Sales Tax with Avalara AvaTax

Avalara AvaTax determines tax rates and applies taxability rules to orders based on location, address, and product type. When you integrate AvaTax with Clarity eCommerce, the taxes a customer owes are automatically calculated at checkout. Avatax stores and updates product taxability to always ensure customers are charged the correct rate and no mistakes are made.

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Tax Exemption Certificate Management with Avalara CertCapture

Avalara CertCapture helps create, manage, and store customers' sales tax exemption and reseller certificates. CertCapture seamlessly integrates with with Clarity eCommerce, accounting software, and ERP solutions to keep track of transactions that weren't taxed. The eCommerce checkout process is easier with CertCapture because customers' certificates are already on file, and exemptions are automatically applied at checkout without any hassle.

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Clarity eCommerce Tax Features

There are many features of Clarity eCommerce™ that will help with tax support. Clarity eCommerce™ includes real-time tax calculation, shipping integration so tax can be applied to shipping cost, and VAT/GST tax. Additionally, the platform gives you the ability to apply a sales tax only in certain states or countries, set your own tax rates, or mark specific products from your store as tax exempt.

Real-time tax calculation

Shipping integration


Tax exemption declarations