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Acumatica Integration with HubSpot

January 23, 2023  |  6 min read

Acumatica is a Cloud-based ERP software that has the ability to integrate with HubSpot. This integration streamlines the process of contact management, automating marketing campaigns, tracking leads, manual data entry, gathering account data, and much more.

connecting Acumatica and HubSpot.

An Acumatica and Hubspot integration enables businesses to easily view customer information from Acumatica and instantly update any changes in HubSpot CRM for an up-to-date view of customer status and history. Additionally, HubSpot integration allows your company to access deep insights and analytics on their customers and sales campaigns with customizable reporting for monitoring performance across both platforms.

If you're using these programs already, syncing data between them can be an easy way to increase efficiency and better your marketing campaigns. Let's take a look at the advantages you might see.

Acumatica CRM and HubSpot CRM integrations specialist.
Key Takeaways
  • Acumatica CRM integration with HubSpot is a popular connection that brings together customer management and the way that businesses market to them.
  • There are multiple options to connect and sync data: SaaS, iPaaS, or custom software on a hosted/on-premesis platform.
  • SaaS and iPaaS solutions can be problematic, as you have to rely on their uptime. Also, they take your data with them if they go down.
  • Self-hosted or Cloud-hosted options are a popular option for companies that want more control over their data.
HubSpot Acumatica integrations create more efficient operations in your business.

Automatically Launch, Measure, and Manage Campaigns

With an Acumatica HubSpot connector, users can link contacts with ease and launch campaigns in a flash via its intuitive setup. You can also get campaign progress updates quickly without having to consume too many resources. Plus, you'll be able to select and assign leads automatically for streamlined generation of your marketing efforts.

Automate your systems with an Acumatica CRM and HubSpot CRM dashboard.

Execute End-to-End Marketing Campaigns

Use the HubSpot CRM with Acumatica to generate lead-generated campaigns and build an integrated email and social media campaign, then automatically assign the leads to the right salesperson. The alert is set for Acumatica to track progress.

Integrations lead to increased operations efficiency.

Reduce Manual Data Entry

Connecting Acumatica and HubSpot can eliminate manually entered information in marketing communications or marketing campaigns as part of a marketing update process. You'll be able to create, run, and manage your marketing campaigns with a simple, integrated platform.

A data-entry person using the HubSpot CRM and Acumatica CRM together.

Optimize Sales

Integrations of Acumatica CRM and HubSpot allows for easy integration into HubSpot's sales pipelines and reports via the integration provider and is compatible with the integration. This integration lets the company segment your customer base in HubSpot and provide specific pricing breaks to Acumatica, and display the price and quantity on the front end.

Increase your sales with the Acumatica CRM.

Streamline Marketing

This connection allows easy Hubspot and Acumatica marketing initiatives. Your company can create campaigns with HubSpot CRM and send data to Acumatica in an automated way. You can also view the complete marketing information in an online report with real-time data.

HubSpot CRM helps you streamline marketing.

A Single View of Critical Customer Data

Integrations provides interactive dashboards to help you view important business information and service. Hence, users can use a database to make quick business decisions, ensuring uninterrupted sales and maximum profit. All leads, sales, completed orders, new customers, and synced info will appear in the dashboard. The integrator displays the key data of each module so you can learn more about your process. Users can also quickly access the integration options module-wise on the dashboard for personalizing or expanding them.

Sync data with a HubSpot/Acumatica CRM connection.

Stress-Free Customer Service

Detailing system data with a customized Acumatica HubSpot integration makes life simpler for service teams. In addition, it can provide customers with accurate information on orders in real time. Your clients receive highly efficient services by preventing repeated communication of information. This allows quick resolution of customer issues. The integrated process increases the relationship between customers and brands can create a better brand experience for all users.

A customer helping a customer with an Acumatica CRM and HubSpot CRM integration.



Acumatica is a cloud-based business management suite that helps organizations automate and unify critical business processes, including financials, sales automation, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, eCommerce, project accounting, field service and distribution.


HubSpot is a cloud-based marketing and sales platform that helps businesses attract, engage, and delight customers. It features tools such as email marketing, CRM, website development, analytics, and more.

The platform is designed to enable businesses to scale their operations while keeping customer engagement at the forefront. It also includes key features such as lead generation forms, automated workflows, social media management, and more to help businesses efficiently manage their marketing efforts.


Yes, Acumatica CRM integrates with HubSpot CRM to provide a comprehensive platform that enables businesses to manage customer and prospect relationships from initial contact through sales closure and ongoing customer service.

The HubSpot/Acumatica integration integration helps streamline the process of managing contacts, automating marketing campaigns, tracking leads, gathering account data, and more.


Yes, Acumatica CRM has an open API based on REST architecture that supports various data formats like JSON and XML. It's secure and allows for customization, testing, and deployment of applications quickly and easily.

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