Our Technology

The technical benefits of eCommerce integration are multiple, and it all starts with exposing the right data to the right places. Clarity Connect acts as the middleware solution, the hub connecting all your data points. With persistent queuing, data is sent repeatedly until confirmation that it has been properly received at the other end.



From the beginning, Connect was designed to handle complex integration scenarios. With Clarity, you can seamlessly integrate a range of technologies, from a simple QuickBooks integration to synchronizing over 20 million records between your eCommerce store and ERP system.


Clarity Connect utilizes four key security measures to ensure your data remains safe:


Connect uses a key, username, and password unique to the systems it connects to

IP whitelisting and blocking

Utilizes a secured port

SSL Connection

You also have the option to turn on detailed auditing by transaction, and the Connect system has advanced logging capabilities.


Technical Benefits of Integration

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  • Expose for updating or creating customer and vendor records
  • Expose to update or create order data
  • Expose accounting data
  • Expose item and invoice information to read data
  • Automate common processes
  • Expose data points between softwares to make possible complex query operations