Clarity's Robust API exposes over 10,000 endpoints

Freedom with your API

Clarity's eCommerce™ API allows clients the freedom to customize and enhance the various technology integrations that comprise their business. With this technology, Clarity is able to highly tailor solutions for our clients with faster development times, connecting to legacy or enterprise line-of-business systems seamlessly. This includes not only ERP and CRM integrations, but sales tax, shipping, currency exchange, and more.

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External Integrations

When integrating your eCommerce site with an external business system, it is important to use the associated API for the connection. APIs separate or decouple the integration from whatever version of the business system, ERP or CRM for instance, is being used. This separation allows for updates or upgrades to the business systems that do not in turn require a change in business logic.

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Clarity Connect™ was built to speak to all of the various APIs that seamless integration requires to be successful, and to translate the information for use on the eCommerce site. These APIs allow for the integration to be scalable and secure. If an integration goes straight to the database without using the proper API, the eCommerce system will require updates with every new version of the external system.