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Custom Invoice Payments: Making Invoicing Simple

Updated October 14, 2022  |  6 min read

When it's time for your client to pay, you want to make the payment procedure as simple as possible.

As a business, streamlining the payment process is one of the most essential steps you can take to ensure that your payments arrive on time and without difficulties.

Custom invoice payments with Clarity Payment Hub™ will allow you to do this in a way that seamlessly integrates into your business workflows.

simple payment procedure
simple invoicing process

Simple Invoicing Process

We know the value of having a worry-free payment process. That's why we made Clarity Payment Hub simplify the invoice billing process, so you can:

  • Cut down on paperwork to save time and money.
  • Accept full or partial payments.
  • Customize and manage invoices internally through our C2C, B2C, or B2B payment gateway portal.
  • Allow merchants to email customers invoices.
  • Empower clients to make online payments via a secure link.

Custom Payment Options

  • Custom “Pay Now” Options – When a clients clicks the “pay now” button, you can have a drop-down menu that shows options for payment and any information they need.
  • Example – You can supply the necessary bank information for your client to make a direct deposit.
  • Example – Let your clients know how to write a check made out to your company.
custom payment options
Assist your customers

With our custom Pay Now options, you can supply customers with the precise information they need. Now that’s what we call assisting!

Custom Invoice

What Is a Custom Invoice?

After completing a project for a client, you can create a custom invoice to ask for payment. On each custom invoice, you can include essential information such as:

  • Invoice number on the receipt
  • Business name, logo, and brand colors
  • Payment terms and conditions
  • Associated cost for each line item
  • Due date and amount
  • Additional charges like taxes or expenses
  • Accepted payment methods

Who Should Use a Custom Invoice?

Any business or independent contractor who offers professional services in exchange for payment should use custom invoices. Custom invoices allow you to insert your brand design (including logo, color, typography, style, etc.) into the invoice.

This makes the invoice double as a marketing tool. When customers see your brand logo on the invoice you sent them, it’ll remind them of the good work you’ve done for them and why they’re paying the invoice. It also makes your invoice seem more professional and official, which builds trust in your brand.

Invoices also help you keep track of payments, provide envidence of revenue for accounting and tax purposes, and help customers know exactly how much and when to pay you.

custom invoice analytics
When to Use a Custom Invoice

When to Use a Custom Invoice

The method you use to send invoices is determined by your billing cycle and the tasks you're working on.

You may wait until a project is complete to charge a client for a one-time project. For ongoing projects, you might send recurring invoices every week, biweekly, or monthly. This is the best method if you have a regular payment cycle to help keep your accounting process organized.

For example, if you bill your ongoing clients on a monthly basis, you would measure the time you spent working for each client each month and send out an invoice at the start of the following month.

Consistently recurring invoices allow you to have predictable income and help you get paid faster by making your clients accustomed to receiving billing on a regular basis.

What to Include in a Custom Invoice

When using an invoice generator, you must always include the following elements, no matter who the client or project is.

what to include in a custom invoice

1. Invoice number

Invoice numbers generally appear at the top of an invoice and aid in the organization and tracking of each invoice you submit to a customer.

While you have free reign over how you number your invoices, it's best to choose a numbering strategy and stick with it to keep things easy and consistent.

2. Service and pricing details

All invoices should include a complete list of the services you’ve provided as well as their associated fees.

Some B2B invoice templates make use of bullet lists to do so, while others utilize a pricing table.

Regardless of how the information is structured, it should clearly identify what the client will be charged for and how much each line-item costs before sales tax, discounts, or any other charges are applied.

3. Total amount due

To pay the fees, your clients must know how much they owe you. When invoicing clients, include the total amount owed and make it stands out so it’s easy to spot.

Clarity’s invoice template makes clear how much money is owed but it can also be customized so clients (and their accountants) can locate it quickly.

4. Payment terms

Payment terms refer to the guidelines and restrictions you set around payments. These include:

  • Acceptable payment methods
  • Any fees the client will be responsible for
  • Whether interest will be applied to overdue invoices
  • When payment is due (net-7, net-14, or net-30)

Payment terms are typically the same across clients and projects, so most of the time they can be reused across all of your professional invoice templates.

5. Instant payment details

When feasible, include immediate payment or “pay now” options directly into your invoices to make it easier for clients to pay you right away.

For example, Clarity's invoicing templates have online payments built right in, so customers can pay you using a credit or debit card from the comfort of their own homes once you've set up your account.

instant payment details
why use custom invoices

Why You Should Use Custom Invoices

Clarity’s customized invoice templates offer several advantages for your business and customers. Here’s what a custom invoice can do for you.

1. Saves you time

Clarity's invoice creator saves you a lot of time by integrating many crucial freelance accounting elements such as timesheets, invoices, and payments into one platform.

Our invoicing software allows you to generate and send professional invoices using the information you've already tracked or entered in your account instead of manually entering each detail on each invoice.

2. Helps with branding

When you generate and send invoices using personalized templates, you’ll seem more professional. Incorporating your logo and branding colors can go a long way in establishing a distinct brand for your business. Furthermore, providing an efficient appearance helps clients take you more seriously and allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

3. Helps you get paid faster

Getting paid on time and in full can be a challenge. Custom invoices that include specific payment information and directions are more likely to get paid on time than standard invoices that do not.

Furthermore, online payment capabilities on invoices make the process simpler, saving you from having to send out payment reminders and keep track of bills after they're due.

4. Facilitates good accounting

As a business, you must keep track of revenue, taxes, and monitor whether clients pay you on time.

Custom invoices are one of the most important accounting tools available because they assist with all of these duties.

This information keeps your accounting operations organized and simple to follow, allowing you to easily keep track of, store, and retrieve critical information when you need it.

Creating a Custom Invoice Is Simple with Clarity

It's simple to create and send professional invoices with Clarity Payment Hub™, and you'll get money in your bank faster and with less difficulty.

All you have to do is modify your invoice template with your brand, customer, and payment information to send it. Alternatively, you may download and print it for future delivery. Create a stunningly designed invoice using Clarity Payment Hub today.

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