eCommerce and Payment Gateways

Quality Assistance for B2B eCommerce Invoicing and Payments

Selling is one of the primary functions in an eCommerce business. Successfully invoicing clients to ensure you receive payment is equally critical. B2B (Business-to-Business) eCommerce invoicing is essential to generate revenue because a plethora of businesses require invoices in order to approve payments for goods and/or services.

You can sell your products online, but you truly aren't generating income until you receive payment.

You can sell your products online, but you truly aren't generating income until you receive payment. For many business owners, invoicing can prove to be quite confusing. When executed correctly, handling eCommerce with the option to invoice customers becomes simpler. At Clarity, we specialize in eCommerce invoicing.


Process eCommerce Payments Anytime, Anywhere

Managing B2B eCommerce Invoicing and PaymentsIn 2014, speed is the name of the game. To be successful, you need to deliver products and information to your customers by the click of a button. In order to be the fastest, you must have the capacity to take care of your business from anywhere. Clarity lets you process eCommerce payments offline. Instead of sitting at your desktop approving orders and shipments, you can do this automatically. Not only does this cut the mouse cord, but this frees up more time to focus on your business.

When word spreads how you offer quality products in a timely fashion, you will see a bump in sales. As advanced as the internet has made us, the basic human need for quality business referrals will always be present. Positive referrals will be sure to grow with an efficient invoicing and payment process.


Keep Track of Your Money Easily with B2B eCommerce Invoice and Payment Systems

Understanding the real-time direction of your cash flow is no simple task. Tools like QuickBooks, and other online accounting software, can help, but multiple challenges still arise. Integrating inventory management, invoice/payment systems, and eCommerce helps solve this issue. This real-time business reporting allows decision makers to identify their sales, margins, profits, and everything in between.

During tax season, Clarity eCommerce systems even allow you to track your income for reporting purposes. Nothing is worse than running a successful business, only to have Uncle Sam unexpectedly scrape some off the top.

Appropriately managing your invoices and inventory allows you to grasp where your cash is flowing. With Clarity’s help, you will know where you make money, areas for improvement, and how to steer your company moving forward. These advantages will help make your business an overnight success. To learn more about Clarity and our sophisticated B2B eCommerce invoicing and payment systems, please click below.