One of the oldest programming languages that some sites and companies are still using is COBOL. The name is actually an acronym standing for Common Business Oriented Language. The language is most common in finance, business and administrative systems in government and large companies. Slightly modernized versions of the language had some updates, but it is still older and is not as flexible as some of the newer languages used today.

COBOL and Your eCommerce Business

eCommerce and COBOL ProgrammingOne of the reasons that some people still use COBOL is that the language is easy to read for those who are not programmers. The syntax is verbose, but it makes it easier for many to understand. While some consider this one of the strengths, others consider it a weakness. It is all a matter of perspective and what one needs from the language. Thus, many find it easier to build large software systems for their companies with the language. This is one of the main benefits of still using COBOL.

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Integration of COBOL and eCommerce

This means they need to have an eCommerce solution that is going to work with their current system. With so many companies using eCommerce today, it is essential that you do the same. Instead of trying to find a new system in which you will be able to use the eCommerce options for your company, you can simply have professionals integrate the two so they work together.

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Benefits of Using COBOL with Your eCommerce Site

When your SYSPRO platform is integrated with your eCommerce solution, you'll have a more streamlined process from ordering to assembling orders to shipping.

If you have a site with a product catalog or other options for purchasing, you have an eCommerce site. Building the foundation of your software system with COBOL does not mean that you can't have a proper eCommerce site. As mentioned previously, you simply need to have the right professionals integrate the two so they work together.

One of the biggest benefits of using COBOL is the simplicity of the language. Many people who have very little programming skill are still able to do some wonderful things with the programming language. If you or your developers do not have the desire or knowledge to start using a different language now, it's nice to know that integration is possible!

Take advantage of the eCommerce integration possibilities if you are using COBOL. It's a great way to ensure that you have an eCommerce site that is going to work well for your customers.

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