Benefits of eCommerce Real-Time Inventories

e-Commerce Inventory ManagementIf you have ever worked retail or worked in any business that uses or sells products, then you know the importance of maintaining inventory. Inventory is the product that a company sells. If your eCommerce system has no method of tracking inventory, it can be very difficult to run day-to-day operations. Systems that let you take eCommerce real-time inventories are crucial to running a successful eCommerce business.

Systems like this let you know, at a glance, what you have or what you don’t have available for your customers. This also lets you know when the numbers on any particular item are getting low. You then know when it is time to order more products. An eCommerce real-time inventory system also tells you when you have excess of any specific product. Knowing that, you can mark down an item to move your inventory faster. And as most people know, the faster you can turn over your products the higher your profit will be. This information can be especially helpful for eCommerce manufacturing companies.


Import/Export Inventory as Needed

A quality eCommerce inventory system allows you to import and export inventory as needed. This is actually more important than most people realize. No matter how sophisticated inventory management systems are becoming, you still need to be able to move one or more items from one list to another. Being able to do this quickly and easily saves you time, and lets you focus on the more important matters of business.

A quality ecommerce inventory system allows you to import and export inventory as needed.

Importing and exporting inventory is crucial because it allows you to keep your master inventory up to date and fresh. Knowing what you have in stock is extremely important when it comes to running any successful business, much less an eCommerce business. Many times your inventory will not even be stored in the same location as your office, so having eCommerce real-time inventories is of the utmost importance for any eCommerce business owner. In order to keep your customers happy, and avoid dis-satisfactory back-orders, you need to know what you have in stock, and its location.


Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility are three little words that seem simple enough. However, like many things, they can be very misleading. Knowing where your products came from and where they are going is of vital importance to running a successful eCommerce business. Today, more and more people are becoming environmentally aware. They want to know where their products are made, and what they are made from. Clarity offers a system that lets you track all of your products in this manner. We offer eCommerce inventory and supply chain visibility. Being able to see your products’ life from start to finish allows you to have this information available to all of your customers. To see some examples of eCommerce websites we’ve created which employ inventory management systems, check out our project portfolio.
Clarity provides visibility into supply chain management
You will also need to know where your merchandise originates when your customers prefer to buy locally made products. An educated eCommerce business owner is a successful one. Clarity lets you become an educated e-business owner simply and easily. Beyond knowing where a product comes from, knowing your supply chain can also give you an idea of when the next shipment is coming in. Additionally, being able to let a customer know that their item will be available in a couple weeks helps make them a happy and satisfied customer. And as we all know, happy customers spend more money. For information on how Clarity can help your business earn more money through effective inventory management systems for eCommerce websites, fill out our contact form and we will get in touch with you right away.