Why It's Important

70% of Being Column A Is Timing

Clarity helps build global sales / channel portals

The Need for a Good Sales Portal


Clarity Sales portal spans all time zones, global accessThe ability to quickly respond to an RFP, competitive question, technical or solution-based, is vital for a salesperson to maintain interest / credibility and move a lead to an opportunity, then to close. This requirement holds true for your global partner channel, and can provide many interesting issues when your channel spans many time zones and languages. According to industry studies, 70% of becoming column A (the leading choice) is being the first to respond.


Building Your Sales Support Resource


Clarity Sales Portal provides 24x7 access | support to your sales teamThis is where a well-designed sales / partner portal is worth its weight in gold. It provides service 24 x 7 x 365, can speak multiple languages, provide guidance to help find what you’re looking for and can serve up dynamic content (i.e. unique price lists to different partners/types, employee-only content, contextual sales campaigns, leads registration, etc.). The bottom line is that a well-designed and built sales portal can become not only a great sales resource, but can become your top sales influencer.


Build It So They Come Back


Clarity Sales Portal | bring sales / clients back again and againAdd to content additional sales tools like branding guides, graphics, qualifying questions, demo videos and more, and your sales portal can quickly become your sale force’s most important resource. Finally, as you invest in this resource, how are you making it sticky? How are you capturing and engaging your visitors to become a community? How can you create an environment that engages and entices them to come back, while promoting increased engagement and activity? That’s the secret sauce that Clarity can help you create!



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