Features and Functions of an eCommerce Distributor Portal System

The Many Uses of Distributor Web Portals

The case for eCommerce distributor portal systems

distributor portalThe use of company and partner portals has enabled numerous businesses to improve their processes and efficiency. They help promote more effective communication by eliminating most of the need to call or fax suppliers, distributors, or employees because most of the needed information is available through self-service help. They can be accessed anytime from almost anywhere, allowing work to be done no matter what time zone users are in or schedule they are on. A distributor portal system enables businesses to easily communicate with, sell to, and manage their distributors while helping distributors get their questions answered, pay their invoices, and receive marketing help.

Individual Subdomains

One of the great features possible with a distribution eCommerce platform is being able to assign each distributor a separate subdomain. For distributors, this is extremely convenient because they don’t have to go through a series of webpages to login to their account. Once they type in the subdomain and enter their login and password, they are automatically taken to their own customized portal page. The subdomain link can be easily included on every email to that distributor to ensure that access is always only a click away. Handling a bunch of subdomains may seem daunting and time consuming, but with a properly constructed portal, they can be easily managed.

Customization and Personalization

Another perk of distribution eCommerce integration is the customization options. You can easily add the distributor’s logo and branding to their portal page. The page’s colors can also be changed to match well with their logo. You can arrange their options in whatever way works best for them as well as add menu items that may not be included on your other distributor’s portal pages.

distributor specific pricingSpecific Products, Pricing, and Terms for Each Distributor

A distributor portal also helps businesses easily separate and distinguish which categories and terms go with each distributor. You can easily sort your distributors by pricing levels and attach that to their portal pages. Businesses can also choose which products are displayed for which distributors. The payment terms for each distributor can also be easily organized and attached to their pages. All of these options allow businesses to simply and easily keep their distributors organized.

User Roles and Rights

Another feature of not just distributor portals but every type of portal is having roles and rights assigned to its users. As the administrator, you will give your employees as well as your distributors and their employees permission to access certain files, submit orders, approve orders, and respond to communications. The permission will be assigned to their logins which they are in charge of keeping private and secure. This feature also helps you and your distributors to hold people accountable for any mistakes made.

marketing material for distributorsAccess to Marketing and Promotional Materials

An important function of a distributor portal is to provide your distributors with marketing and promotional paraphernalia that helps them sell and promote your products. Their marketers will have access to all of the material that you input into the portal. It will also save your marketing team the hassle of constantly having to send every one of your distributors new information. Instead, they will only have to upload it once and select all the people that are allowed to view it, saving them time and promoting efficiency.

Clarity Can Help

Clarity has helped numerous businesses create, implement, and customize their own portals. From supplier portals to sales portals to distributor portals, Clarity can build a robust and easy to use portal for your business. Our team of experienced experts is highly skilled at creating custom portals to help handle virtually any need that your business has. To learn more about distributor portals or to speak with an expert about creating a company or partner portal for your business, call or click to contact us today!