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Distribution Integration: Solutions for Distributor eCommerce

A look at how integrating distributors can help your business

What is Distributor Integration?

A distribution eCommerce platform uses software to automatically incorporate distributors and distribution data into the rest of your eCommerce website. This software helps the business community by enabling them to monitor the distribution business.  The software is so powerful that it integrates all areas of distribution including wholesale networks, assembly segments, and accounting.

The distribution integration software can greatly help your business by monitoring distribution, automating standard processes, making data available in real time, and ensuring that information and orders are correct across all platforms.

Using integration software allows your company to save valuable time and resources.
Synchronized Data Across Sources

Benefits of Integration

When your company uses an integrated distribution eCommerce solution, they are linking the eCommerce website with the distributor. One of the great things about the software is that it enables you to easily update the data. Once the data is updated in one area, it is automatically updated everywhere else. In real time, you are able to analyze customer data and orders at a micro level.

The software handles financial aspects of the orders such as credit limits and cost analyses. Using integration software allows your company to save valuable time and resources by having data integrated instead of having to manually enter changes into your website.

Automation & Business Efficiencies

Automation Means Less Time & More Productivity

The software also allows for certain processes to be automated. Automated processes will allow certain standard procedures that normally would have been done manually to happen automatically. A process that may have taken you a day to complete, not to mention getting everything else done before you could complete it, can be done automatically without any effort from you or your employees. Automation enables processes to happen faster and more smoothly, without the chance of human error.

Automation & Business Efficiencies

Why B2B Needs Distributor Integration

One of the most important parts of creating a successful B2B eCommerce website is integration. B2B eCommerce websites especially need to have distributor integration as well as manufacturing eCommerce integration. B2B eCommerce is a lot more complicated than B2C eCommerce. It usually entails very large orders that can be very detailed and involve contracts and customer-specific price levels.

With issues like this, it is best to use distributor integration software to make standard processes easier or, even better, automated. Manufacturing custom eCommerce platform integration can help your business become more efficient and profitable by freeing up the time it takes to manually enter processes and reducing the chances of error through automated processes to aid in business growth. 

Over 3,000 Integrations

Clarity Can Help

Whether you are a distributor, B2B company, or B2C (business-to-consumer) company, Clarity can help integrate and automate your distribution eCommerce systems to make eCommerce for distributors more efficient and accurate, whether it's on-site or via a distributor portal.

From delivering a retail website to launching a wholesale eCommerce platform, we're here to provide you with the information and talent you need to increase your online sales. Click below to get started.


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