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erp and grants management for nonprofits

If you run a nonprofit organization, then you understand how important fiscal responsibility and grants management are. Therefore, it can be hard to justify the cost of an ERP or CRM integration; so much of the work you do involves keeping your budget as lean as possible. Below are some ways in which the return on investment of an ERP integration will be worth your while.

The Benefits of Using an ERP for Nonprofit Management

One of the hallmarks of an excellent nonprofit organization is financial transparency. You want to be able to share with your stakeholders exactly where their money is going, and why it is important for them to continue donating. On top of this, for better or for worse, most stakeholders do not like to see nonprofits using a good deal of overhead; if a donor feels you’re unnecessarily routing too much money to your office or staff rather than the explicit service you provide, they probably will not give again. ERP integration can help you, then, in a two-fold way: first, it can help you seamlessly and efficiently provide budget transparency. Second, it will reduce the overhead of hiring additional staff members to oversee accounting and grants management.

Your ERP and Nonprofit Donations

You can add donors as “contacts,” after which you can reach out to thank them, provide news on your organization, and create further calls to action.

There are several ways to customize your ERP system to manage grants and donations. First of all, you can integrate each source and donation into your overall budget, so that you have a deep understanding at all times of your current budget, what you need, and who’s giving it. Secondly, you can report back to grant-making organizations with a detailed, line-itemed list of where their grant went. And finally, you can add donors as “contacts,” after which you can reach out to thank them, provide news on your organization, and create further calls to action.

ERP and Grants Management Solutions in Texas

Clarity has worked with a variety of nonprofit organizations and websites, and if you’re looking for a clean and easy grants management solution, we can help. The amount of money and time you save will be exponentially valuable, no matter the size of your organization; and we can consult with you about how to make the most out of your grants management software. Contact a Clarity representative today to learn more.

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