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Grant Management Software For Nonprofits That Helps You Succeed

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Key Takeaways
  • Grants management is crucial for nonprofit organizations; if you want to manage grants effectively, you'll need a robust grant management software solution.
  • It's best to integrate your CRM system into your grants management software so you can easily keep track of everything.
  • Microsoft Dynamics is a great tool for grant management, as it makes grant management more efficient and has the functionality you likely need.
  • Clarity has experience developing and integrating the best grant management software, and we can help you get on the right track to achieving your goals.

Optimize Your Grant Management Process with the Right Software

grants management software for nonprofits

Effective grant management is crucial for nonprofits. To be successful, you need robust software that can handle all your needs. Unfortunately, as many nonprofits expand, they quickly outgrow their existing grant management system—which causes important processes, from grant applications to grant implementation, to fall through the cracks.

This is a critical aspect for many nonprofits. How can I have an efficient grants management process? The solution, in many cases, is to have the best grant management software that is customizable to your organization's needs and scalable.

A CRM, or Customer Resource Management system, is an important part of grant management. While Clarity can integrate any CRM system into your grants management software, as a Microsoft Certified Partner, we also offer the extensive functionality of Microsoft Dynamics systems for grant management.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Grant Management Software

Microsoft Dynamics can be tailored to include grants tracking tools, which is especially helpful for nonprofits. Within a grants module, you can track grants and measure them against the money spent for the programs for which they were received. In this way, your nonprofit organization can easily report on grant revenue and program expenditure across the fiscal year.

All-In-One Grants Management System

The nature of grants demands transparency regarding how the money is spent. Microsoft Dynamics grant accounting software reduces the amount of time it takes for staff to track which money is spent and how. It also greatly reduces the amount of manual entry required, which minimizes the chance of error.

The centralized data management in grant management software allows authorized staff to access the information they need across programs. Additionally, the grants management software can synchronize with human resources and staff timesheets to seamlessly add staff time to the overall program cost.

With the click of a button, your nonprofit can create comprehensive reports on grants and programming that will satisfy donors, grant-making organizations, the general public, and others.

Grants Tracking Tools and Reporting

The Microsoft Dynamics grant application management software automates the grant reporting process. With the click of a button, your nonprofits can create comprehensive reports on grants and programming that will satisfy donors, grant-making organizations, the general public, and others. Your organization's stakeholders care deeply about your nonprofit's accountability and impact; and with Microsoft Dynamics grant management software solutions, you won't disappoint them, and you'll be making things easier for yourself and other staff members.

Get the Grant Management Software You Need

Clarity can provide the grant management software and tools you need to be successful. To find out more, sign up for a free, no-obligation grant discovery session; we'll go over what you need for your organization and give expert advice on what solution would be best. Use the information to fuel your next steps for your nonprofit, whether you work with us or not.

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Grant accounting software is a specialized financial management tool designed to assist organizations, particularly nonprofits, in effectively managing the financial aspects of grants they receive. It helps streamline the tracking, recording, and reporting of grant-related financial transactions and ensures compliance with grant funding source requirements.

Grant accounting software typically includes features such as budget management, expense tracking, fund allocation, and reporting functionalities tailored to grant-specific financial management. It enables organizations to accurately monitor the utilization of grant funds, maintain separate accounting records for each grant, generate financial reports for funders, and ensure transparency and accountability in grant-related financial activities.

By automating these processes, grant accounting software simplifies the complex financial tasks associated with grants, reducing manual errors, saving time, and enabling organizations to effectively manage their grants while adhering to financial regulations and reporting obligations.


Grant management software is a comprehensive tool designed to assist organizations in efficiently managing the entire lifecycle of grants. It provides a centralized platform to streamline and automate various grant-related processes, including grant identification, grant application process, evaluation, tracking, reporting, and compliance. The software enables organizations to track key grant details such as deadlines, requirements, and contacts, facilitating efficient grant-seeking and proposal development. It helps automate workflows, allowing for collaboration among team members and simplifying the review and approval processes.

Grant management software also assists in monitoring the progress of funded projects, tracking expenditures, and generating comprehensive reports for funders. It enhances transparency, accountability, and efficiency in managing grants, seeking grant opportunities, empowering organizations to effectively utilize funds, demonstrate impact, and comply with regulatory and reporting obligations. Overall, the software optimizes the grants management process, saving time and resources while maximizing the potential for successful grant acquisition and utilization.


With CRM and grant management software integration, you can easily keep track of which grants go to and from which customers or partners. You can also track and get reports on aspects that are important to you and provide better customer service.

This integration improves efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. It also enhances communication and collaboration between fundraising and grant management teams, as they have access to shared data. By linking donor information from the CRM with the grant management software, organizations can effectively track donor relationships, identify potential grant funding opportunities, and tailor grant proposals to specific donors' preferences.


There are grant management systems offered for free, but they often have limited functionality that makes them less scalable than a fully functional paid solution. It's possible to start with a free system and then move to a paid one later when it becomes necessary, but that has some costs, mainly training staff on a new program and migrating data.

Typically, it's best to go to a software development company with experience in grants management software for nonprofit organizations. If you work with Clarity, we can provide a fully functional system that meets your needs now and that can be customized further as you go along. That way, you're fulfilling today's needs and planning ahead. Learn more by getting a free demo.


Yes, grant management software for nonprofits is distinct from other management software due to its specific focus on the unique needs of nonprofit organizations in managing their grant-related activities. Unlike generic management software, a grant management system is designed to streamline and automate the complex processes involved in the grant lifecycle, including grant applications, tracking, reporting, and compliance. It provides features tailored to the specific requirements of nonprofits, such as donor management, budget tracking, and impact measurement.

The right grant management software also integrates with fundraising platforms and financial systems commonly used in the nonprofit sector to help grantmakers organize. By addressing the specific challenges faced by nonprofits in securing and managing grants, this specialized software enhances efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the grant management process, enabling nonprofits to effectively fulfill their missions and demonstrate their impact on funders.


Creating a grant management software system involves several key steps for grant seekers. First, you need to conduct a thorough analysis of the requirements and needs of nonprofit organizations in managing grants. This involves understanding the grant lifecycle, compliance regulations, reporting requirements, and financial tracking. Based on this analysis, you can start designing the software architecture, user interface, and features to meet those needs.

Development follows, where programming languages, frameworks, and databases are employed to build the grant management software. Testing and quality assurance processes are vital to ensure the system functions accurately and reliably. Once developed, the software should undergo beta testing with nonprofits for feedback and improvements. After refining and addressing the feedback, the software can be released for wider use. Ongoing maintenance and updates are necessary to keep the software current, secure, and aligned with evolving nonprofit grant management practices.

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