How Dynamics GP Fits In With Your BusinessDynamics GP is a powerful tool, but most people are familiar with it as a back office application that allows financial data to be transmitted from department to department. This is fine but, increasingly, businesses are getting more and more of their business done over the web and that means that they have to have a solution that works with those data sources, as well. This is where the connectivity of Dynamics GP and your web technologies comes into play.

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The Technology


Microsoft Dynamics GP was designed to bring web properties and the back office together.


Microsoft brings several of its technologies to play in providing connectivity between Dynamics GP and the web, but principal among them is eConnect. This product allows the Dynamics GP product to take the information given to it by a web application and to provide it for the members within the organization by exposing endpoints, or access to data, via a robust API. This means, for instance, that the sales figures for any given product can be instantly reported to the part of your organization responsible for inventory and, because of that, your organization can do business in real time with a Dynamics GP eCommerce solution.

Dynamics GP Reporting

It also means that you can get much more detailed financials. Dynamics GP has the same reporting features that GP users are accustomed to. Information is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Office, so your accountants and other employees that use that suite of programs will be able to manipulate the data in the way to which they are accustomed. For your employees, Dynamics GP happens behind the scenes and it's nothing that they have to worry about learning or maintaining. For your programmers, it's incredibly flexible and able to perform the most complex tasks related to getting information from department to department quickly and easily from any web property and pull it into GP.

Dynamics ASP.NET Integration with eCommerce

Dynamics GP was designed to bring the web and the back office together. Using ASP.NET technology, .NET and BizTalk, it makes it much easier for businesses to get their financial data from their eCommerce sites and other applications and to instantly make it available to the people at their companies that need it. Clarity has clients that house their entire product catalog, images URLs and metadata in their GP ERP and through integration, using Clarity's Connect integration platform, have that populate their eCommerce store.  This has been so successful that Clarity has clients that have over 1 million SKUs in their store all populated and maintained within their GP. 

Integrating Dynamics GP with an eCommerce site is not difficult for a good programmer. Programmers can also customize it to a great extent, allowing the data to be pushed through the system at different intervals and to make sure that your organization's technology functions around your business plans and not vice-versa. This is an important feature for any business trying to be successful on the Internet and one that ensures greater efficiency and productivity.

For more information or to talk about your company's project, visit the Dynamics GP eCommerce Integration Resource Center.