Empower Agents To Be More Productive

Give customer service agents an integrated agent desktop that places applications alongside customer data and guidance to help resolve issues more efficiently. Automatically populate the desktop with caller information through simplified integration with Dynamics eCommerce integration.

Improve The Quality of Your Customer Experience

Give customers fast and accurate resolution while minimizing call transfers and delays. Enable agents to seamlessly handle multiple customer interactions and transfer callers to subject matter experts or other agents without interrupting the service call.

Streamline Customer Service Processes

Automate customer service processes in order to achieve greater accuracy and control using workflow tools. Eliminate duplicate data entry, improve the quality of your data, and reduce human error by eliminating the need to enter the same data into multiple applications with a Dynamics CRM eCommerce custom solution.

Simplify Integration of Contact Center Technologies

Quickly build an integrated agent desktop that provides context-based access to applications, data, service processes, and CTI. Code samples and controls allow each contact center to integrate their own systems into a unified tool, enabling agents to handle cases more efficiently and effectively.

Centralize Management and Configuration

Manage agent desktops and applications through a single Web-based management tool for greater flexibility and control. A single interface makes it easier for administrators to update and configure applications when business needs change.

Gain Greater Visibility Into Customer Care Activities

Measure and track performance and activities with agent auditing capabilities and easy-to-use reports through Dynamics CRM integration, bringing all customer activities from portals, sites and marketplaces into the CRM where your sales reps need it. Auditing allows organizations to track activities within each customer interaction, use that information to ensure adherence to best practices, and identify opportunities to improve.