With the advent of “better, faster, cheaper” technology, customers are continually looking for companies that go above and beyond to deliver intelligent and effective solutions that meet their needs. As our Clients build more and more of their mainstream business processes into their public facing websites, there is a growing need for accurate, real-time data on website usage. In particular, the list below shows some of the most common pain points our potential Clients face prior to implementing our Click Tracking System (CTS):

  • How many visitors view the site every day?
  • Where do visitors click the most within the site? (page popularity)
  • Where are visitors viewing the site from? (i.e. geography)
  • What is the typical click path a visitor goes through on the site?
  • For eCommerce systems, product catalogs, etc. what products are generating the most interest?
  • What areas of the site can we improve to drive drastic improvements in return for the site?
  • What search keywords are visitors using to get to the site?
  • What links (i.e. other websites) do visitors come from?
  • Is our industry directory listing/advertising working?


Clarity Ventures is the partner to choose for your website click tracking and analytics requirements. With decades of combined experience, our team knows how to seamlessly integrate your enterprise level, database driven website into the intuitive, comprehensive Clarity CTS & VisiStat driven website analytics engine. In addition to solving the problem areas shown above, our team is also capable of delivering the following value added solutions through the VisiStat CTS solution:

  • Live view of website visitors with extensive historical data
  • Key performance indicators (time saving summary with complete drill-down capability)
  • SEO & keyword analysis (shows keywords and search engine used for every search directed visit)
  • Summary & drill down with detailed click path analysis: shows order of page clicks & time on pages
  • Visitor IP, Identity, and detailed geographic maps with live and historical visitor data
  • Automatic e-mail summary available: daily and weekly report options
  • Custom data collection & analysis for eCommerce, product catalogs, etc.
  • Visitor source: where did the visitor come from (i.e. industry publication, search engine, paid ad, etc.)
  • Visual touch mapping: “heat map” view of click activity on every page within your site
  • Activity Alerts: automatic e-mail or text message alerts when specific pages are being viewed, a specific link is clicked (i.e. from within a sales e-mail), etc. (i.e. from within a sales e-mail), etc.

In addition to our CTS capabilities, Clarity Ventures delivers decades of combined experience in consulting with small, medium, and large enterprises alike. With our depth of experience and vast resources, Clarity Ventures offers a complete solution. Doesn’t it make sense to back your business with an enterprise level solution that meets your needs at a fraction of the cost?