With the ever growing emphasis and dependence on the internet for communication, marketing, and other needs, growing companies are finding it more and more important to present themselves through a professional web presence. In the process of developing professional web solutions for our clients, we have found that a successful presence typically includes:

  • Custom Design, Presentation, and Content
  • Search Engine Optimization & Search Marketing/Management
  • Hosting, Domain Management, and E-mail
  • Enhanced Presentation (Flash, Silverlight, etc.)
  • Add-ons (Custom Forms, Newsletters, RSS Feeds, etc.)
  • Client Specific Customizations

Although out of the box systems simply cannot provide answers to all of these scenarios, cutting edge web development firms have refined the process significantly in the past several years.


Clarity Ventures addresses the needs shown above & more, through our Content Management System (CMS). Due to the ever increasing demand for complete website solutions, our development team has constantly updated our proven CMS system with the latest technology. The result is a custom, enterprise level web presence at a fraction of the cost. The cost reduction applies both on the front end with the initial development work, as well as the back-end with site management.

In addition to solving each of the issues shown in the “Problem” section above, our CMS system also offers:

  • Custom Database and Code Implementation using ASP.Net, MS SQL and Open Source CMS Platform DotNetNuke
  • Advanced Editing Features
  • Create New Pages, Modify Site Structure, Add Custom Modules
  • PPC, CPA, PPA, AdWords, and Click Management Systems
  • Javascript and Click Tracking Systems
  • Automatic E-mail/Newsletter Generation, List Management, Customization, and Tracking
  • User Membership, Custom Authorization Levels, Security & Login
  • Custom Forms with Automated E-mail response and Tracking
  • eCommerce, Payment, and Client Tracking Systems
  • More...

In addition to our technology capabilities, we deliver decades of experience in consulting with small, medium, and large businesses alike. With our technology resources and extensive experience base, Clarity Ventures truly offers the complete solution. Doesn’t it make sense to back your business with the tools necessary to deliver an enterprise level solution at a fraction of the cost?