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Are you missing out on sales because your customers can't request a custom quote?
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ECommerce Custom Quote Forms

At Clarity, we have over 300 years of combined experience helping clients improve their sales through improved web site design and development. We will gladly provide eCommerce quotes for your special web business needs. Our team has a wealth of resources and experience to help your eCommerce business grow and thrive. We offer IT consulting that allows one of our professionals to explain the options that are available to you such as installing a custom database by the use of ASP.NET. We can also update your website with the newest features that add to sales and draw customers to your site.

Located in Austin, Texas, we can help you develop your eCommerce business from almost anywhere. In fact, we cater to clients all around the country and many globally. Whether you want to add features to your current website or redesign a new one, our professionals can help your online business grow and succeed.

Clarity custom ecommerce quotes
Custom Quoting Process Support

Expert Quote Application Development

Our experience in web and eCommerce development has enabled us to develop a team of expert quotation management development consultants that can present you with an estimate of how much it will cost your company to update your site’s applications. We specialize in the unique needs of small to enterprise businesses who want to increase sales and profit on their websites. Our experts know which applications will provide the unique services that your business needs to grow and thrive. One of the many things to consider is adding shopping cart software for your website.

Adding this application will provide conveniences for your customers, such as paying for all of the items that they have chosen at the end of the shopping trip. They will be able to delete items or change the amount of items they want to buy with this software. You can also ask our experts for a quote on adding customer account information pages and the ability for your site to accept credit cards.

Automated Sales Quoting

Online Quoting System

One of the features we see great value in offering is an online quoting system. By creating a simple form on your website, users and potential customers can request to talk to you about products they are interested in that your company provides. Rather than chase down potential sales with people who you aren’t even sure are interested, use an online quote form and get high-quality leads from interested customers right away.

If your business offers complex and often expensive equipment, products, or services, an online quote request form, similar to the one we use on our website, can be a great tool for your marketing and sales teams. Get in touch with our custom eCommerce development company to make it happen

We specialize in the unique needs of small to enterprise businesses who want to increase sales and profit on their websites.