How to Choose the Perfect Conference Registration System

Online Event Registration DesignWhen you are a nonprofit or enterprise ecommerce organization, you might find yourself needing to organize many event functions and conferences. It is important that you use a reliable and efficient conference registration system to ensure that your company remains organized and professional. Below are some tips on how to develop and implement the right event registration system for your company.

Building vs. Buying Your Event Registration Solution


Online registration systems involve far more than uploading a form onto your website.

If you are wondering whether to create your own conference registration system or to get a custom built one, it’s important to know what benefits you will see if you chose to get a custom-built registration system. Online registration systems involve far more than uploading a form onto your website. Their complex nature works best, and suits your ultimate purpose, when you opt for a nonprofit event registration system that has been designed for your specific needs. To learn more about Clarity and how our team works to build you a customized eCommerce solution, check out our About page.

Research For Your Organization Before Selecting an Online Registration System

Once you decide that an online registration system is pertinent, the next step is to start researching to find the ideal solution. Before you start, you should have a clear picture of the requirements for this registration process. You should also thoroughly search online for all the feasible options that meet your organization’s budget. You should to try out any online and live demos available to ensure that this is the right conference registration system for your organization.

Your ideal solution will differ depending on many factors, especially if you are either a nonprofit ecommerce organization or a multinational company. There is not one solution that necessarily works for everyone. The nature of the events will also affect the kind of registration system that works best for your company or organization. To see examples of the custom eCommerce development work we’ve done for client similar to you, check out our Project Portfolio.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Your Event Registration System

There are several factors to consider when choosing the type of event registration system that your company or organization will need:

  1. What is the nature of the attendees?
  2. What information would you need from them?
  3. Would you be processing any payments such as donations or purchases during the event?
  4. Is there a registration fee that can be paid online?

The system you choose should have a simple form for the attendees and be organized well enough for you to collate and organize the inputs. It is also important to ensure that this system provides useful and fast reports. In addition to custom made reports, you will also want 24/7 online access, data export services and password protection.

Regardless of whether an event is organized for a nonprofit ecommerce company, or for a large corporation, it is important that everything remains organized and runs smoothly before, during and after the event. The right conference registration system can help achieve this for your organization. Contact Clarity today for more information on how to get a customized event registration system established for your company or organization.