Transportation Management Solutions

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The Client

With the cost of gas lingering above $3 a gallon, companies in the transportation industry are shackled with either eroding profit, or the constant task of improving business processes and cutting costs. TMS's unique approach to transportation allows them to expand offerings, improve logistics and lower prices. Clarity enabled integrations to dozens of shipping carriers to provide comparative shipping rates in real time.


Existing Problems

Integrating with one or two carriers is pretty easy. Integrating with 50 (i.e. ABF, Central Freight Lines, Con-Way, Estes, FedEx Freight, Old Dominion, ASIA, SEFL, YRC, AAA Cooper, Holland, RL, Southeastern Freight Lines just to name a few)? Where to even begin? What about lettings private truckers add their runs into the mix as well? That would take forever!


The Benefits

TMS offers one of the only sites that allows truckers to compete with the big carriers. Think Uber, but for trucking, and TMS has been offering it for almost five years! Automatic Bills of Lading, orders, tracking, registrations, pricing comparisons and much more have allowed TMS to grow their business with no new resources.




The site was a legacy site built in ASP.NET that Clarity took over. Clarity Connect™, SOAP, Restful APIs, XML were used where possible for the carrier integrations, and a ton of custom code to make it all work.

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