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eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce is much more than just a product catalog. Successful eCommerce involves guiding a user through a purchasing experience and making it easy for the user to to find what they want, know what options they have, and navigate the price, shipping, options, taxes, and other logistics. Clarity’s customers span the globe, which means we have a deep understanding of international shipping, taxes and duties, payment options, and country embargos. We can also take the challenge out of integrating your billing, fulfillment and CRM systems. Let Clarity help you build and grow your online business. Here are just a few of Clarity's eCommerce customers. We tried to show small, medium, large and complex samples. If you don't see a sample that meets your needs, give us a call and we'll be happy to show you one.


Online Athletic Equipment Sales

Located in Redmond, Washington, Pro-Tec Athletics offers over 60 products, ranging from highly effective orthopedic supports to breakthrough innovations in hot/cold and massage therapy. In addition to success in the volleyball and running markets. When they wanted to take their products online, an ordinary eCommerce product wouldn't do. They serve the B2B market and have both a back-office ERP integration, but wanted a custom re-ordering bulk order feature built for those partners that re-order a lot. Clarity eCommerce, with a little customization fit the bill nicely. (Clarity client)

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Clarity Ventures

eCommerce User/Admin Mobile Applications

For more than a decade, Clarity has been building custom B2B eCommerce marketplaces. Although the sites launched were mobile responsive, Clarity didn't have a mobile app, until now. This user app allows purchasers to log into their "My Account" dashboard, and view their orders, invoices and quotes. Each is broken into subcategories of status, with the ability to expand and collapse each section, or drill down in to view and print a specific order or invoice. The admin app (link below) allows admins to views all orders, invoices, etc. and pick and pack warehouse orders. (Clarity Mobile eCommerce)

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The Newton Group

Millions of SKUs, Distributor eCommerce Solution

Newton is one of the industry’s largest purchasing alliances, leveraging the buying power of over 2,500 eye care professionals with over 200 ophthalmic suppliers, shipping tens of thousands of contact lenses daily to members nationwide and providing a full range of services and tools to help your practice thrive. Their website serves up the UI to these 2,700 visitors, but the data is all secured for it's member distributors to order wholesale directly. Custom BI reports and client satisfaction reports are built into the solution. (Clarity client)

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Circle Y Amish Furniture

Hand-crafted Custom Furniture

The Amish brings one back to a more laid back pace, kind of like it used to be back in the days of Granddad! Knowing their work ethic and seeing the quality in their craftsmanship for nearly 30 years makes us proud to be able to bring and share what they produce, and what we have experienced. You won’t find better hand-crafted, hand-made furniture anywhere. Clarity designed and built an eCommerce site to showcase these beautiful pieces, including many custom galleries to display the woods, stains, paints, and options you can order with each piece. (Clarity client)

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New Horizons Learning

Global Computer Training Registration Portals

With more than 300 training facilities across 70 countries, New Horizons Computer Training Centers is known as the largest and most successful computer training company in the world. This made a tall order when they came to Clarity to have a brand new platform created that could manage that many stores/websites, currencies, languages, both central and de-centralized content and product administration. Clarity started with the Clarity eCommerce platform, and built a custom franchise administration portal on top. With their partner Footprint, the new sites were rolled out to almost 350 locations over 3 weekends. (Clarity client)

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B2B Portal for Financial Technology Products

Audimation specializes in financial technology products and services designed to help CPAs, accountants, auditors and most financial professionals. Clarity designed and built them a new mobile responsive website on top of the Clarity eCommerce platform, used to sell those products and services, as well as schedule training and events. Customized purchasing options include subscription payments, net terms, purchase on account and more. (Clarity client)

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HIPAA Compliant Medical Sales

Handi Medical is a family owned durable medical equipment supplier, selling medical equipment to both patients and providers. Working with their designer (Easle), Clarity built a HIPAA compliant eCommerce ordering portal on Clarity eCommerce, then using Clarity Connect, integrated to TIMS ERP (custom HIPAA compliant ERP) with the ability to handle payment processing with health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. (Clarity client)

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Meetings Data Lists

B2B Meetings Database Sales

Built through 20+ years of independent research from multiple sources with the core foundation coming from Meetings Database Institute (MDI), founded in 1994, the site at the core is built on the Clarity eCommerce platform, with each meeting being a product that's for sale. Complex search and indexing allows a user to search and find "products" that meet their needs quickly, then purchase for grouped digital download. (Clarity client)

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Matrix Medical

FDA-approved, Patented Operating Room Application

There are more than $33Billion in lawsuits each year from surgeries where a surgeon accidentally left a scalpel, sponge or other article in a patient or operated on the left versus the right knee, etc. TRACTUS was invented to solve that. A software platform that could be used in the operating room to track everything the surgeon is doing and control and report on product recalls later and more. Clarity designed TRACTUS for tablet use in the operating room, built on the Clarity eCommerce platform and it has been awarded a patent, UL certification and approved by the FDA. (Clarity client)

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Brick Packaging

B2B Purchasing Portal

Brick Packaging provides products for the wine and catering industry. They pride themselves on anticipating their customers needs and providing the ability to easily place custom orders, re-orders, get custom quotes, pay their invoices online, have shopping lists, custom shipping and handling and more. Clarity designed and built them a new mobile responsive storefront integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, and integrating with 7 LTL Shipping Carriers, as well as UPS. (Clarity client)

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Bestway RTO

Rent-to-Own Storefront

Bestway has been engaged in the rental-purchase industry since 1986. The Company owns and operates a total of 82 stores located in the mid-west states. Clarity not only built them a new training Intranet site for those stores, but they designed and built them a new online Rent-to-Own storefront. Big, bold graphics help users get a feeling of what they will be bringing home. (Clarity client)

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Online Approvals for Lease-to-Own

For decades, the owners of Just-LeaseIt have run their brick and mortar rent-to-own businesses. Over the years, many clients who have money, but run across hard times, wanted a way to rent-to-own, but get a better deal and be smarter with their money. They came up with the idea to run a virtual (no brick and mortar storefront) rent-to-own business, with the option to lease the items. Clarity designed and built them a new mobile responsive eCommerce portal with custom integration into a 3rd party credit-checking application to get real-time credit approval. (Clarity client)

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Management Concepts

Complex Education Registration for Government Accounts

For over four decades, Management Concepts has been providing advanced training to government entities on Career and Professional Development for Individuals, Performance Improvement Solutions for Teams, and Workforce Development Solutions for Organizations. When they approached Clarity, it wasn't the storefront or website that was the issue, it was the complex government checkout and scheduling of courses that needed a lot of design, but then Clarity used their Connect platform to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX for accounts and fulfillment processing. (Clarity client)

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Horsetrailer Dealer Portal is an online platform dedicated to connecting customers with horse trailers that match their needs and budgets.

Leveraging our team’s digital marketing background and lifelong enthusiasm for all things equine, we have combined detailed competitive analysis, thorough research, and direct customer feedback with insiders’ perspective and a top-tier web development team to create a platform and mission that cater precisely to the stated needs and wants of a large, existing market.

That top-tier development is Clarity, and we've not only designed an amazing site, we've integrated our Clarity eCommerce™ and Clarity Connect™ platforms to deliver a state of the art sales portal. (Clarity client)

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Prince Manufacturing

B2B Custom Ordering Portal

Prince started in business in 1941 and now manufactures in three states including: 5 manufacturing plants, a research and development lab, stocking warehouse, technology center and corporate headquarters. They sell to 3 unique groups - engineers, purchasers and customers and needed a custom, mobile-responsive site that could be both an online catalog for their existing products, but provide custom product configuration and quoting for custom applications. Built in Clarity eCommerce, the site boasts a unique 3-persona navigation and custom ordering design. (Clarity client)

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B2B Management Software Sales

Provance has a long reputation in the Microsoft ecosystem. Provance IT Asset Management software, a third-party process management pack for Microsoft System Center, has been used by enterprises and government organizations of all sizes to drive down IT costs, increase service management efficiency, and reduce security and compliance risks. Clarity eCommerce was chosen to build their online eCommerce experience to sell those products and services. (Clarity client)

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Meredith Hahn

Custom Hand-crafted Jewelry Sales

Inspired by the relationship between nature and femininity, Meredith's collection has developed a notable following among celebrities and tastemakers around the world, and has been featured in television, film and leading publications. Meredith Hahn jewelry is carried in exclusive boutiques nationwide. For her online presence, she came to Clarity, who designed and delivered a clean, simple, yet elegant eCommerce site. (Clarity client)

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Professional Educators Storefront

When AMLE approached Clarity, they had an online store, but didn't have a good website, designed for mobile responsive use, nor that ability to easily find anything in the store. Clarity designed and built them a new mobile responsive website, then integrated their 3rd party eCommerce solution, overlaying it with a new search indexer and UI to provide educators with the ability to search the store multiple ways to find what they need. (Clarity client)

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eCommerce Custom Navigation for over 500,000 Parts

AirBorn was founded in 1958 manufacturing electronic connectors for the military and aerospace markets. They have since expanded into many vertical and commercial markets. With over 500,000 parts available, Airborn needed a method where users could quickly find what part they're looking for. Clarity designed a part builder that guides a user through a couple of questions, that efficiently and easily filters through the product catalog and finds the part in question.

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Southern Medical Association

eCommerce for National Doctor's Day

Established in 1906, and headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Southern Medical Association is a non-profit, physician-led, multispecialty medical association committed to promoting the health of patients through physician advocacy and a culture of leadership which enhances professional development. Although they've got another vendor working on the site as well, they hired Clarity to come in and do the heavy lifting (integrated blog, podcasts, eCommerce store, document management module and more). (Clarity client)

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Little Ruth

Integrated Affordable eCommerce for SMB

Little Ruth creates children’s entertainment products (books, crafts, recipes, etc.) that are designed to encourage learning, creativity, skill development, exposure to culturally diverse characters, and fun among young people. The company founder is also the author of the Little Ruth children's book series. As a small startup, Little Ruth needed a fun and whimsical website design, with additional features like an integrated blog, eCommerce cart to purchase the books, newsletter integration and more at a startup budget. Clarity designed a custom site using every trick know to lower costs and delivered a site that meets today's needs, but can growth with the company. (Clarity client)

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Precision Joint

DNN Shopping Cart for SMB

Precision Joint started from a love of horses and a desire to provide the highest quality supplements. While most supplements are not regulated, Precision Joint chose to meet the GMP (Good Manufacturing Policy) and FDA regulations to guarantee their customers only the best products. With only two products for sell, Precision Joint needed a website that served their marketing needs, as well as showcasing their sponsorship of competitive riders. Clarity incorporated a DNN shopping cart for SMB to keep the costs low with maximum out-of-the box features. (Clarity client)

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