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Treat Your eCommerce Store With the Professionalism it Deserves

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce is much more than just a product catalog. Successful eCommerce or online commerce involves guiding a user through the entire purchasing experience and making it easy for the user to to find what they want, know what options they have, navigate the price, shipping, options, taxes, and other logistics. Clarity’s customers span the globe, which means we have a deep understanding of international shipping, taxes and duties, payment options, and country embargos. We can also take the challenge out of integrating your billing, fulfillment and CRM systems. Under PCI DSS compliance? Do you know that you're online store is required by your Merchant Account to be compliant in order to accept credit card payments? Well, we do, and Clarity eCommerce is both PCI compliant and allows users to store their credit card information in their online wallet without you storing their actual credit card data. This means that even in the event of being hacked, you won't be liable for a bunch of credit card numbers being stolen.

Looking to grow your company? Let Clarity help you build and grow your online business. We are SEO, CRO and marketing specialists, and can help both in auditing where you stand today, as well as helping to put a strategy together to get you where you want to be in the future. Our eCommerce platform provides all the SEO metadata fields to properly optimize and turn your entire product catalog into an SEO goldmine. Catalog landing pages are also out of the box, as well as the ability to automatically create both product and category sitemap XML files, which can then be registered with Google's webmaster tools. Here are just a few of Clarity's eCommerce customers. We tried to show small, medium, large and complex samples. If you don't see a sample that meets your needs, give us a call and we'll be happy to show you one.


Custom B2C Subscription Portal

After 20 years in business, the number of consumers requesting ScentAir for their home has reached the point where we decided now was the time. Basically, customers asked for a line of ScentAir home products, so we listened! So they engaged Clarity to design and build a custom B2C subscription-based ordering portal with an integration to Sage X3. We also built in custom up-sell opportunities at checkout to see that you can save money by upgrading to a quarterly billing cycle, and provide a single-click option to upgrade to any one of the subscriptions. (Clarity client)

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Merck Pharmaceutical Animal Health

Memberships for Pet Microchips

A Merck Pharmaceutical Company Division, Merck Animal Health manufactures and markets a broad range of veterinary medicines and services. Clarity used a significant amount of their existing site design to help shorten the required development time and lower the amount of disruption to clients already used to the existing site. Clarity implemented their eCommerce platform, custom forms for registering micro-chips and lost pets, and much more. The latest payment gateway and technology was used, and some custom navigation done to help improve the user experience and improve the ordering process. (Clarity client)

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Redemption Plus

B2B Redemption Portal

Our story begins with our founder and CEO Ron Hill. He connected with professionals working with Sylvan Learning Centers, which was using toys as a way to incentivize students to improve in subject knowledge. From there Ron plugged into the family entertainment industry and discovered the potential business opportunity. When you go to some of the largest pizza and entertainment locations and play games for tickets, you're probably exchanging them for one of Ron's toys. Clarity built a custom ticket exchange ordering portal for those facilities carrying his toys. (Clarity client)

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DDS Dental

Custom B2B Dental Supplies

DDS Dental Supplies, a division of American Medical and Dental Supplies Inc., is a growing leader in the dental distribution industry with over 20 years of industry experience. We are a family owned business that started supplying infection control products to dental practices in the area. We now carry over 20,000 different products from leading dental manufacturers and service clients throughout the country. Clarity eCommerce provides custom SKU variants and automated business invoicing and orders with a Sage 100 integration. (Clarity client)

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GFS Chemicals

Chemical Buying eCommerce Solution

Our Founder, G. Frederick Smith, was a Professor of Analytical Chemistry (University of Illinois). His interest in developing both inorganic chemicals and organic ligands as analytical reagents had a profound effect on the development of analytical methodologies from 1930 to the 1950s. GFS contacted Clarity to build not only a B2B eCommerce store that could handle hazardous materials, certifications and shipping restrictions, but also a solid SEO platform to market and deliver many industry articles and technologies to their clients. (Clarity client)

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United Aqua Group

Custom Buyers Group B2B Marketplace

United Aqua Group is one of the nation’s largest organizations dedicated to the professional pool building and retail industry. The group is member-owned and is comprised of individually operated business owners that have been selectively qualified and are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, quality and service in the industry. United Aqua Group manages and operates Aquatech, Aquacommercial and AquaValue, which remain the trusted brands for residential and commercial pool design and construction and retail pool products. They hired Clarity to build them a custom Buyer's Group Ordering Portal. Dozens of vendors have uploaded and sell almost 500K SKUs, with unique Seller dashboard and aggregate reporting and a Microsoft Dynamics GP integration on the back end. (Clarity client)

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Boedeker Plastics

Custom Made-to-Order eCommerce

The biggest issue we had to figure out how to deal with was the non-standardized product data with the literally hundreds of custom fields and attributes for each product. Once we had a content architecture and standardized product data, we built out a custom eCommerce implementation with tons of custom attribute filters. This was not optimal, but required by the client as their clients have been purchasing that way for decades. So Clarity built the filters, but then backed it up with a Product Selection Wizard as well. We then used Clarity Connect to do a real-time bi-directional integration to their Infor ERP. The final development piece was to add the ability to handle multiple different ways to order the same piece of plastic (rod, tube, film, sheet, custom, upload your own CAD-CAM template, custom cuts, etc.), and be able to price out each and all of those custom scenarios. (Clarity client)

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Global Marketplace for Thousands of Sellers

goArica's founders came to Clarity with a dream to re-create an for Africa. After living and working for decades in Africa, they wanted to open the markets there to make it easier for local businesses to sell their goods and services, as well as make it easy for global suppliers to get their goods into Africa. Clarity eCommerce was integrated with Payoneer, which provides the escrow account for global transfers, allowing Kenya to purchase equipment from Komatsu in Japan, for example. After just a few months in production, there's already more than 260,000 products and goods being sold on the platform. It was so successful, that the founders have already sold the company to international investors.

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Custom Medical eCommerce Quoting Site

Clarity started with a new custom design, that could not only be used for the storefront, but carry into the company's other portals and mobile app. The Clarity eCommerce platform was customized, and has a companion mobile application that will be extended in Phase II of the project. Clarity used their quoting module to swap out checkout for custom quotes. Quotes get forwarded to sales, where they can edit and process them, which notifies the user of the finalized quote. They can log into their storefront dashboard and view all submitted quote requests. A custom import module allows Sourcemark to update or upload many products, inventory and pricing in bulk. (Clarity client)

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Custom HIPAA Compliant eCommerce

Valisure’s mission is patient advocacy, consumer protection, and performing advanced research and development to support these endeavors and bring the benefits direct to consumers. Valisure is America’s first online pharmacy to chemically validate all its products and do so at no additional cost to consumers. Clarity eCommerce, Microsoft Azure and a little development, taking roughly 30 days, spun up this great online, HIPAA compliant eCommerce site. (Clarity client)

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Clarity Ventures

eCommerce Mobile Applications

For more than a decade, Clarity has been building custom B2B eCommerce marketplaces. Although the sites launched were mobile responsive, Clarity didn't have a mobile app, until now. This user app allows purchasers to log into their "My Account" dashboard, and view their orders, invoices and quotes. Each is broken into subcategories of status, with the ability to expand and collapse each section, or drill down in to view and print a specific order or invoice. The admin app (link below) allows admins to views all orders, invoices, etc. and pick and pack warehouse orders. (Clarity Mobile eCommerce)

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The Newton Group

Millions of SKUs, Distributor eCommerce Solution

Newton is one of the industry’s largest purchasing alliances, leveraging the buying power of over 2,500 eye care professionals with over 200 ophthalmic suppliers, shipping tens of thousands of contact lenses daily to members nationwide and providing a full range of services and tools to help your practice thrive. Their website serves up the UI to these 2,700 visitors, but the data is all secured for it's member distributors to order wholesale directly. Custom BI reports and client satisfaction reports are built into the solution. (Clarity client)

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Management Concepts

Complex Education Registration for Government Accounts

For over four decades, Management Concepts has been providing advanced training to government entities on Career and Professional Development for Individuals, Performance Improvement Solutions for Teams, and Workforce Development Solutions for Organizations. When they approached Clarity, it wasn't the storefront or website that was the issue, it was the complex government checkout and scheduling of courses that needed a lot of design, but then Clarity used their Connect platform to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX for accounts and fulfillment processing. (Clarity client)

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New Horizons Learning

Global Computer Training Registration Portals

With more than 300 training facilities across 70 countries, New Horizons Computer Training Centers is known as the largest and most successful computer training company in the world. This made a tall order when they came to Clarity to have a brand new platform created that could manage that many stores/websites, currencies, languages, both central and de-centralized content and product administration. Clarity started with the Clarity eCommerce platform, and built a custom franchise administration portal on top. With their partner Footprint, the new sites were rolled out to almost 350 locations over 3 weekends. (Clarity client)

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B2B Portal for Financial Technology Products

Audimation specializes in financial technology products and services designed to help CPAs, accountants, auditors and most financial professionals. Clarity designed and built them a new mobile responsive website on top of the Clarity eCommerce platform, used to sell those products and services, as well as schedule training and events. Customized purchasing options include subscription payments, net terms, purchase on account and more. (Clarity client)

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HIPAA Compliant Medical Sales

Handi Medical is a family owned durable medical equipment supplier, selling medical equipment to both patients and providers. Working with their designer (Easle), Clarity built a HIPAA compliant eCommerce ordering portal on Clarity eCommerce, then using Clarity Connect, integrated to TIMS ERP (custom HIPAA compliant ERP) with the ability to handle payment processing with health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. (Clarity client)

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Meetings Data Lists

B2B Meetings Database Sales

Built through 20+ years of independent research from multiple sources with the core foundation coming from Meetings Database Institute (MDI), founded in 1994, the site at the core is built on the Clarity eCommerce platform, with each meeting being a product that's for sale. Complex search and indexing allows a user to search and find "products" that meet their needs quickly, then purchase for grouped digital download. (Clarity client)

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Matrix Medical

FDA-approved, Patented Operating Room Application

There are more than $33Billion in lawsuits each year from surgeries where a surgeon accidentally left a scalpel, sponge or other article in a patient or operated on the left versus the right knee, etc. TRACTUS was invented to solve that. A software platform that could be used in the operating room to track everything the surgeon is doing and control and report on product recalls later and more. Clarity designed TRACTUS for tablet use in the operating room, built on the Clarity eCommerce platform and it has been awarded a patent, UL certification and approved by the FDA. (Clarity client)

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Brick Packaging

B2B Purchasing Portal

Brick Packaging provides products for the wine and catering industry. They pride themselves on anticipating their customers needs and providing the ability to easily place custom orders, re-orders, get custom quotes, pay their invoices online, have shopping lists, custom shipping and handling and more. Clarity designed and built them a new mobile responsive storefront integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, and integrating with 7 LTL Shipping Carriers, as well as UPS. (Clarity client)

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Bestway RTO

Rent-to-Own Storefront

Bestway has been engaged in the rental-purchase industry since 1986. The Company owns and operates a total of 82 stores located in the mid-west states. Clarity not only built them a new training Intranet site for those stores, but they designed and built them a new online Rent-to-Own storefront. Big, bold graphics help users get a feeling of what they will be bringing home. (Clarity client)

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Online Approvals for Lease-to-Own

For decades, the owners of Just-LeaseIt have run their brick and mortar rent-to-own businesses. Over the years, many clients who have money, but run across hard times, wanted a way to rent-to-own, but get a better deal and be smarter with their money. They came up with the idea to run a virtual (no brick and mortar storefront) rent-to-own business, with the option to lease the items. Clarity designed and built them a new mobile responsive eCommerce portal with custom integration into a 3rd party credit-checking application to get real-time credit approval. (Clarity client)

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Horsetrailer Dealer Portal is an online platform dedicated to connecting customers with horse trailers that match their needs and budgets.

Leveraging our team’s digital marketing background and lifelong enthusiasm for all things equine, we have combined detailed competitive analysis, thorough research, and direct customer feedback with insiders’ perspective and a top-tier web development team to create a platform and mission that cater precisely to the stated needs and wants of a large, existing market.

That top-tier development is Clarity, and we've not only designed an amazing site, we've integrated our Clarity eCommerce™ and Clarity Connect™ platforms to deliver a state of the art sales portal. (Clarity client)

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Prince Manufacturing

B2B Custom Ordering Portal

Prince started in business in 1941 and now manufactures in three states including: 5 manufacturing plants, a research and development lab, stocking warehouse, technology center and corporate headquarters. They sell to 3 unique groups - engineers, purchasers and customers and needed a custom, mobile-responsive site that could be both an online catalog for their existing products, but provide custom product configuration and quoting for custom applications. Built in Clarity eCommerce, the site boasts a unique 3-persona navigation and custom ordering design. (Clarity client)

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B2B Management Software Sales

Provance has a long reputation in the Microsoft ecosystem. Provance IT Asset Management software, a third-party process management pack for Microsoft System Center, has been used by enterprises and government organizations of all sizes to drive down IT costs, increase service management efficiency, and reduce security and compliance risks. Clarity eCommerce was chosen to build their online eCommerce experience to sell those products and services. (Clarity client)

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Meredith Hahn

Custom Hand-crafted Jewelry Sales

Inspired by the relationship between nature and femininity, Meredith's collection has developed a notable following among celebrities and tastemakers around the world, and has been featured in television, film and leading publications. Meredith Hahn jewelry is carried in exclusive boutiques nationwide. For her online presence, she came to Clarity, who designed and delivered a clean, simple, yet elegant eCommerce site. (Clarity client)

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Professional Educators Storefront

When AMLE approached Clarity, they had an online store, but didn't have a good website, designed for mobile responsive use, nor that ability to easily find anything in the store. Clarity designed and built them a new mobile responsive website, then integrated their 3rd party eCommerce solution, overlaying it with a new search indexer and UI to provide educators with the ability to search the store multiple ways to find what they need. (Clarity client)

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Southern Medical Association

eCommerce for National Doctor's Day

Established in 1906, and headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Southern Medical Association is a non-profit, physician-led, multispecialty medical association committed to promoting the health of patients through physician advocacy and a culture of leadership which enhances professional development. Although they've got another vendor working on the site as well, they hired Clarity to come in and do the heavy lifting (integrated blog, podcasts, eCommerce store, document management module and more). (Clarity client)

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Precision Joint

DNN Shopping Cart for SMB

Precision Joint started from a love of horses and a desire to provide the highest quality supplements. While most supplements are not regulated, Precision Joint chose to meet the GMP (Good Manufacturing Policy) and FDA regulations to guarantee their customers only the best products. With only two products for sell, Precision Joint needed a website that served their marketing needs, as well as showcasing their sponsorship of competitive riders. Clarity incorporated a DNN shopping cart for SMB to keep the costs low with maximum out-of-the box features. (Clarity client)

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